Tiananmen Square
production: jkr70, eggnog.
year of release: 2004
website: humancropcircles.com
1. Prologue
2. Death March (Iraq)
3. Tiananmen Square Timeline
4. Tiananmen Square
5. America
6. Us Or Them
7. Death March (U.S.)
8. Epilogue
Bonus Tracks
9. Tiananmen Square (Aggressive Strike Remix)
10. Epilogue (East Meets West Remix)
11. One
Can a single human being make a difference? Can he or she stop the forces of evil dead in their tracks? These are questions that ran through my head when hearing this sick eleven track CD from Human Cropcircles. This album draws comparisons to September 11th, 2001 - a day etched in everyone's memory.
"Tiananmen Square" starts with "Prologue" in which Ubiquitous vents his frustration of the accounts and facts that led to the attack. This song will hit some real hard and bring back memories about where you were on that fateful day. The beat is serene with a nice piano loop and is the ying to the raw lyrics (the yang) that Ubiquitous spits. There are vocal samples of former Dead Kennnedy's icon Jello Biafra (on the interlude "Death March (U.S.)" and "Us Or Them") and a real ill poem from Allen Ginsberg on the track "America".
The production by Sike, JKR70, and Eggnog is excellent, stirring up many emotions. On some tracks you'll feel angry ("Us Or Them") and others sad or depressed ("Prologue," "Tiananmen Square" and "Epilogue"). Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing. Great albums are those that stir up different feelings and emotions. Great albums are what wears out replay buttons.
The interludes are just as groundbreaking as the songs. This is not for those who do not want to learn or are open to opinions and facts. If you want to hear about cars and women and material shit don't even put this in your CD player.
For 11 tracks (including two interludes, two remixes and seven full songs) this CD packs a powerful punch. Lyrically Ubiquitous has a complex but easily digestible style. You'll rewind not because you didn't understand Ubiquitous but to hear what he said again. Unbelievable flow. And unfortunately all this comes to an end with the track "One". This album symbolizes what KRS-One said many years ago, "You must learn!"
review: cyPHer777
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