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One Self "Children Of Possibility"
The Landlords "5-Day Notice"
Mercury Waters "Destiny Or Destination"
O.U.O "Of Unknown Origin"
Common "Be"
Hezekiah "Hurry Up & Wait..."
Prince Paul "Itstrumental"
Blak Prophetz "The 2nd Coming"
Spoonie Gee "Godfather Of Hip Hop"
The L.J.'s "Likwit Junkies"
Josh Martinez "Midriff Music"
Quasimoto "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas"
Paris Zax "Unpath'd Waters"
Himself "For Your Personal Enjoyment"
Dynamics Plus "Dynamic Universe Volume Six"
Tonedeff "Archetype"
Pigeon John "...Sings The Blues"
Dr. Monokrome "All Things Considered, That Was A Long Time Ago"
Weerd Science "Friends AndNervous Breakdowns"
Grand Agent "Under The Circumstances"
Sev Statik "Slow Burn"
Access Immortal "Shades Of Reality"
Nygh "Circling Vultures"
De La Soul "The Grind Date"
Blame One "A Complex Burden"
MED "Push Comes To Shove"
Coley Cole "Goldplated Straitjackets"
Mum's The Word "Constant Evolution"
Sharlok Poems "The Movement"
Neila "For Whom The Bell Crows"
The Presence "Common Man's Anthems"
Sach "Sach 5th Ave."
Celsius "Kickin It To Hell N Back"
Emanon "The Waiting Room"
Muph+Plutonic "Hunger Pains"
Proe "Perfect"
SonGodSuns "Over The Counter Culture"
The Perceptionists "Black Dialogue"
J-Zone "Gimme Dat Beat Fool"
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