Midriff Music
label: Camobear

production: samix, Aalo Guha

guests: Kunga 219
year of release: 2005
website: joshmartinez.ca
Regular Day
Come And Gone
Tour Is War
Time Alone
Just A Dood
One More Sucka
Played Out feat. Kunga 219
11. Nightmare Rmx
  Come And Gone
This is not the album, even though this is an album. But this is not really the album Josh Martinez meant to put out, as his Magnus Opus. Instead this is an album that happened. It happened for an in between to shut up the growling hunger. And in case you want to know what exactly that means, Josh has provided a write up inside the artwork and has provided the "Intro" to explain in all detail.
Where he also urges the women to show their midriff - something only advisable if the temperature is right (and the midriff…). But another aim of this album is to be your favourite record of the summer 2005. The goal is to be achieved with songs done in the appropriate vibe, thus cheering you up with words (i.e. "Cheers") or with the right beat like on one of the best songs on here: "Come And Gone." The flavour tastes like Strawberry, the dish of choice is a big bowl of ice cream and Josh talks about something we're not too sure if to concern ourselves with, or just vibe with the beat. But Josh actually talks motivational and consolidating words and that's all really nice of him.
In between songs - like thrice, sole (with one exception) producer on here - samix of the Lost And Found Generation - gets the chance to do instrumentals. And these are used to show his skills behind the boards and the to-be-programmed electronic boxes. The instrumentals are: "Tranzar" including some long voice sample, some singing and a guitar that screams summer and beach and umbrellas in our drinks. The second is a darker, piano based but actually even better and quite amazing "Time Alone." And finally the third is "One More Sucka" with an incredible drum and heck, this samix dude is just dope, damn it.
samix really doesn't do anything bad. So Josh really found himself one talented producer that fits his sing songy flow very on the T and you just have to respect him for songs like "Regular Day" where he puts a lot of perspective on the world and its accused bad- and evilness. Talking about 'what goes on tour - stays on tour' on "Tour Is War" shows that Josh knows how to have a good time too. But isn't that kinda like the complete aim of this record? Kinda is. Heck, he's "Just A Dood" even though sometimes "One More Sucka" too.
Kunga 219 is the only guest and appears on "Played Out" and Aalo Guhu provides the one not samix produced beat on "Nightmare Rmx" (but does Josh try to sound like Shock G?). And while that beat is actually along the quality of what a samix would have done, and Kunga not being the worst rapper on this planet, you can argue that they are more the cream on the pudding than an unnecessary extra dose of calories. None the less, what samix does is quite amazing. What Josh does is to recite well respected, fitted, conceived and written verses, creating a rather excellent album, considering it's not an album. And Josh writes something like this is only halfway there. Don't overdue it buddy, cause we kinda love where you already are.
review: tadah
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