Gimme Dat Beat Fool
label: Old Maid

production: J-Zone

guests: Eazy-E, Project Pat, De La Soul, Redman, M.O.P., Devin The Dude, others.
year of release: 2005
Polka Intro
Rockaway And Crenshaw
Prostitute Interlude
On The Grind
Bitch Witta Weave
Late Greatness
KMDGMC Interlude
Hustlaz Iz Hustlaz
Stomp That Bitch Out

Rockaway And Crenshaw

"Give me that beat fool, it's a full time jack move" so does Ice Cube open "Jackin' For Beats." J-Zone aka Captain Back$lap is jacking others for lyrics though. With the intention to put them over his funky compositions on this little remix project he likes to call… well, take a guess. Yes, "Gimme Dat Beat Fool." You may progress to the next ho'.
Sure, you're all tired out by all these million remix projects and blah blah blah. Come on now, how can we even call this little phase completed, if we haven't gotten J-Zone to do a little ditty? We can't. Especially as he's probably the only one who's going to remix Project Pat and then even proudly proclaims that Pat's one of his favorites. Exactly that J does on "Bitch Witta Weave."
And see, this is also why this project is interesting: Some people claim J-Zone has a signature sound and of course they are all right. Pheet, whatever. Actually if you listen to a "Hustlaz Iz Hustlaz", originally a Tash feat. Kurupt, Snoop Dogg and Xzibit cut, there's very little typical about that joint. Same goes for "Late Greatness" a remix of the joint J-Zone did with Devin The Dude. This cut here is surprisingly unflashy, what just might be due to the very subdued rapping by Devin though. And, to get back to Pat, the beginning is some straight "Eazy Duz It" era drum computer frenzy, while the guitar keeps howling later on. And yes, you may argue that it has the air of a J-Zone tune, and what's exactly wrong with that?
Speaking of Eazy, J actually hooks up a collaboration between Eric and himself on "Rockaway And Crenshaw". And Zone remembers just how dope Eazy always sounded over bouncy beats, so that's what he gives him. Along with the previously mentioned "Late Greatness", this is the only song where J really steps to the mic to spit some verses. And him doing that puts an extra, extra on this remix project.
Moving on, we get reworks in the shape of "Saga" with Redman who hasn't sounded this funky since he first barbarized funk breaks, "Famous" with M.O.P. works surprisingly well, while the newest lyrics on here are by De La Soul on "On The Grind". And to round the whole thing up, we get Capone-N-Noreaga feat. M.O.P. on "Stomp That Bitch Out", two interludes and a "Polka Intro" and an "Outro."
Aight now, the task reads as follows: We gotta help J-Zone get some clothes and a chain and a whip that are 'too many nice' as Ish of "Pimp My Ride" would say. We can do that by all of us running to the store and picking "Gimme Dat Beat Fool" up. And once you're there, maybe you wanna stock up on the whole J-Zone back catalogue. Maybe you can trade in your The Game and 50 Cents CDs. Cause that shish is pseudo and wack and this here is neither.
review: tadah
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