So Wonderful
label: 48 music
production: masked avengers (fico & hands solo), tibner 97er, lexx
year of release: 2004
1. Intro
2. Small Time Thing
3. Through These Veins
4. Early Morning Skit
5. Soopa Freak
6. Love Supreme
7. Too Much Remix
8. True Classic Remix
9. Outro
Oh, how short and sweet this EP is. Like a petite Asian, Hands Solo would probably say. It's six tracks, one Intro, one Outro and one Skit. Short and sweet. From head to midsection to toe. Short and sweet. Ahh…
But anyway, things start with the "Intro", a very well produced theatric piece of our hero from Philadelphia arriving in Zürich. Yes, this is a Philly and Zürich connect type deal, as Maylay is from over there and the Avengers are from over here, i.e. Zürich, Switzerland. How did that team up happen? Well, read this little ditty, and you'll get an idea.
Creating the perfect vibe for this collaboration with the "Intro", the EP moves into "Small Time Thing", where Hands combines a piano with some strings, while Maylay does his 'I have a story to tell.' The cinematic effects of starting cars, small placed scratches, and the effortless telling by Maylay make the second step of this album continue to walk in the right direction. Hands lets Fico take over for "Through These Veins" where the vibe gets a little subdued with more serious lyrics from Rebel Ra'. He talks about a lot of things in the business, glam, glitz, money and no money.
Throwing the steering wheel around, we get to the "Early Morning Skit", where Hands is showing himself some tender loving care in front of a movie. The sample in the back is nice, and you're almost tempted to scream: 'damn, why waste such a nice beat on a skit.' But once again it's so well produced and has the tongue safely in cheek, you'll get a couple of pleasant sniggers out if it.
Sniggers that are turning into flat out and loud hooting and hollering once "Soopa Freak" comes on. Fico hooks Maylay up with one of the funkiest beats we heard in a little while. Funky not as in p-funky, but funky as in 'damn, that shish is nice.' The horns hit, the vibes climb a short ladder and your neck does the bop. Ra' uses this careless beat for some careless rhyming, speaking about those good lookin' woman, those good times, and those good memories. Don't be surprised if this song shows up on a couple of 'best of 2004' lists. And with only lasting for a little more than three minutes, it's also short and sweet. Short and sweet. Ahh…
But anyway, Hands lends a - uhm - hand to "Love Supreme", which is basically the mushy bizarro twin of "Soopa Freak", as here Maylay gets all reminiscent, talking about his 'love supreme.' It's not a woman but it's that rap thing he does as we speek. A guitar takes him on this trip down memory lane, while the detailed scratching, the little percussion details, the odd sample sparkle here and there, once again make this record to be oh so wonderful.
Finally there's two remixes of two songs that already came out as a 12". That's "Too Much" remixed by Tibner 97 and "True Classic" remixed by Lexx. While the first is actually the worst song on here, the second is pretty good. You may say though that you'd probably would rather listen to the original than these remixes. Plus, why are these two Originals not on this record? Damn.
Hearing how incredibly well the beats work for Maylay and how comfortable he sounds over these tracks, something tells me that the next time Maylay will record an album, he'll call up the Avengers for some beats. And if the right people hear this record, then Fico and Hands Solo will get phonecalls from other rappers too. They're that good and this is short, sweet and oh so wonderful. But I think I already said that.
review: tadah
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