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year of release: 2004
Big Moses Goes For A Job Interview
Pass Go
Paint Her Dead
I Sing Happy Birthday With Grenades In My Mouth
Big Moses Is Art
Go Drown
The Lottery
Memoirs Of A Guitar Player
You Won't Be Here Again
16. Big Moses' Lesson In Spoken Word Poetry
17. Gridlock In Paradise
  Go Drown
The progression of an artist consists of various barriers that hinder the quality of the product if they are not broken down. Each artist knows just when they think that they have completely mastered their craft a new barrier breaks down and a free flow of ideas combined with the realization of incompleteness enter the palette of which they paint from. So while they all start off painting simply in black and white eventually new colors unfold that allow their piece to standout a little more then the rest.
With an artist like Nobs I started noticing that his creations stood out more then the rest of the new artists out with his EP release "Typical Hip-Hop Shit." [read the review] Unlike so many of the up and coming rappers today Nobs wasn't catering to a certain sound or conforming to the elitism so present in underground Hip-Hop, instead he decided to speak out against it. He stood out for simply being his pissed off self. So when I received his new album "Workin' " I was anticipating more of the same pissed off Nobs but with a more polished approach. And while both of those elements are present throughout the CD Nobs still hasn't completely grasped the concept of the definitive album he's capable of.
But even if he doesn't reach his full potential on this album that doesn't mean "Workin' " isn't a good album. Abrasive lyrics, strong samples and an even stronger delivery abound during the course of "Workin'." In many of the songs it is the formula for success. Yet on others a different lyrical approach combined with a softer delivery or vocal styling could benefit the albums variety greatly. Proving this theory is the song "Water." It's one of the only rap songs I've heard that deals with the topic of rape and Nobs softer delivery combined with the soothing string sample provide for a moving song on such a delicate topic. Another song along the same lines is "The Lottery." Over a beautifully constructed piano, flute and bass sample Nob's delves into another original topic paralleling his girlfriend's interest in gambling as a sign of her ignorance about life.
The execution of this type of simple but emotionally-complex topic is what makes Nobs art stand out a little more. It's not how many brush strokes it took to paint the picture but more about what he did with the few brushstrokes he made.
Nobs isn't trying to make you decipher his lyrics on the fortieth listen. He covers topics that people can relate to, yet has a uniquely sarcastic but sincere approach. Those words don't make a ton of sense coupled together but when listening to a song like "PlugPullThe" or - my pick for the best song on the album - "Go Drown" then you will understand. No matter the topic his irritated attitude shines through in disgust for a world done him wrong.
Even though this isn't the pinnacle of what Nobs work could be it is nevertheless a strong album that continues to show progress. His next release is supposed to be a collaboration with Non-Prophets producer Joey Beats. Until that drops later this year give "Workin' " a chance if you want to hear a great artist that you're not very familiar with.
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