Paper Bullets - An Album Of Duets
label: blueside
production: nomar slevik
guests: the mole, bleubird, brad hamers of phlegm, luke geraty, jdwalker, cavemen speak, joe rath, others.
year of release: 2004
1. ... An Introduction To Paper Bullets
2. First In Space feat. Brzowski
3. Shocking Blue Day feat. The Mole, Demune
4. The Treestump feat. Lifelike
5. Arm Of The White Sea feat. Gabe Fm, Ron Johnson
6. Is That Your Final Cancer? feat. Geneva B
7. An Interlude feat. Dj Jon
8. Nobody feat. Bleubird
9. Graceland feat. John Pascucci
10. Metallic Smoke Screens feat. Brad Hamers of Phlegm
11. Every Rapper feat. Luke Geraty
12. Chocolate Covered Barett feat. Joe Rath
13. Untitled feat. Jd Walker
14. Dark Side Of A Sunspot feat. Cavemen Speak, The Mole
15. Spiders feat. Node
16. Some Kind Of Redemption feat. Sontiago, Rent
"There's so many more shadows at night. Have you ever noticed that?" ("...An Introduction To Paper Bullets")
If you like to classify things and love music in its purest form of whatever genre, you might not be a friend of Nomar Slevik's musical approach. Less, if you're engaged with something you might call 'pure hip hop'. Nomar Slevik is anything else than 'pure' and for that, he's all the more deserving our attention.
If good music is about creating a particular atmosphere, Slevik definitely walks on the wild side. We get everything from clouds to sunshine and of course the things that accidentally happen below the skies (like politics or love stories). Not to forget the timeline (past - present - future).
"Paper Bullets" rocks. Be it a simple head nod, be it air guitar, be it brain death. Be it for the music, for the lyrical gush, or the whole variety of contributors. It's not that we haven't heard this shit before, this type of individual sickness which claims to be innovative before anything else. But this one plays in a different league somehow. Expect synthesizers, worlds of sounds. And find content where you want to. This is DIY music. The more effort you put into it, the more you get, the more diverse Slevik universe is.
Therefore - despite all creative potential - Nomar Slevik is one of these artists you either love or hate. And while the 'h'-side most probably means something like an anti-Anticon attitude, 'l' might be associated with a certain political consciousness too. Yes, we speak facial hair.
And of course, Slevik is more experiment than music; come to our poetry workshop, Wednesdays at 8pm. This is not something you put into your stereo to relax. It's absorbing. Story-worms creeping through, besides and below the tracks. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not.
The possibility that, if you've heard a story once, you don't want to hear it twice, plus the rather simply constructed drumbeats, plus the sickness you don't feel up to every day make this album a one-take for our ears rather than a long player - unless you are about as crazy as these dudes claim to be.
review: denise
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