Of Unknown Origin
label: Domination

production: Cadene, Mister Do, Kev Strange, H-Peh.

guests: Cadance, Akim The Funk Buddha, Nikki Giovanni, Storm The Unpredictable, Jazzy Kat Blu, others.
year of release: 2005
website: ouofam.com
For The Love Revisited
Look Good
Bad Guy
I Rock feat. Cadence
Hooks Reloaded
Dotted Lines
Trapped feat. Jazzy Kat Blu
Crash Thru Walls feat. Akim The Funk Buddha
11. All We Have Is Time - Nikki Giovanni
12. It's Time
13. Rock N Roll feat. Storm The Unpredictable
14. Yesterday
15. Eye 2 Eye
16. Pushin Pens feat. Cadence
17. Came 2 Far feat. Sol
Bonus Track
18. Unorthodox Remix feat. Cadence
  Hooks Reloaded
We're dealing with legends here. O.U.O is partially Zimbabwe Legit and as such they have released a record on the legendary Hollywood Basic label back in 1992 - featuring DJ Shadow and Black Sheep's Mr. Lawnge in case you don't know. But this is 2 a couple of 0's and a 5. And Dumi Right (of ZL) and Pep have not lost a step and while their style is maybe a little dated, you can also argues it's seasoned. Or tried and tested. Whatever the case, it works and for the most part so does this record.
Yes, not all on here is very incredible, but more on that later. The bridge to things done in the past is built with the 'old' song "For The Love Revisted." This here gets a makeover by Cadence that makes it a much better song. The lyrics have always been dope and just reek of traditional stylings. This must be a crowd favourite and in this reworked version can be your favourite too.
Cadence of Raw Produce is actually somewhat of the unofficial third member of O.U.O as he's producing a bundle of tracks and also steps to the mic on three: "I Rock", "Pushin' Pens" and "Unorthodox Remix", the latter two produced by German dude H-Peh (he also did "Yesterday"). And whenever Cadence does the beat, things get interesting, so again on "OUOutstanding." Not to be outdone, crew affiliate Kev Strange drops a dope beat on the previously mentioned "I Rock", an okay beat on "Dotted Lines", bad one on "Eye 2 Eye" and a big beat on "Rock N Roll" the collaboration with Storm The Unpredictable while "Hooks Reloaded" by Cadence just might be the best song on here with dope vibes and a niftly little horn getting the best performance out of Pep.
One of the struggles on this record are the lyrics hovering over the beat. Ever so often the two elements don't really seem to merge well. Interestingly enough on tracks like "It's Time" where the winner of the remix competition made the song sound much more like an original than this version here by Mister Do. Another example is "Look Good" - a track talking about the women - again produced by Mister Do. So you have to question this guy's mixings. As we get the same effect on "Bad Guy", the jury is returning with the verdict. Only "Trapped" actually makes the mix work, while Jazzy Kat Blu is one of those lately excessively used unnecessary singers.
Lyrically we get a mix of what's to be expected: the past of rap is invoked on "Dotted Lines" thematically and in practice when Akim The Funk Buddha, Dumi's partner in Zimbabwe Legit appears on "Crash Thru Walls" over another dope Cadence beat (but with bad recording). Other songs are about the rappers supremacy, there's some knowledge in here too and everything else these cats are likely to spit. And while neither Pep nor Dumi are the best rappers on this planet, they oftentimes really shine quite brightly, dropping gems.
And chances are good that whenever the song is extra nice, Cadence had something to do with it. It might be a little much to credit him with all the best moments on here, but there's no doubt that this would be a lesser record without him. But with him, it's a record that has a respectable number of really nice tunes.
review: tadah
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