The Disrupt
production: madlib, oh no, j dilla, kan kick.
guest: roc c, aloe blacc, medaphoar, declaime.
year of release: 2004
1. I'm Here (Intro)
2. Right Now
3. Move feat. Ron C.
4. Perceptions
5. Stomp That v. 2
6. Seventeen
7. Break
8. The Ride feat. M.E.D. aka Medaphoar
9. Getaway feat. Aloe Blacc
10. I Can't Help Myself feat. Staci Epps
11. Every Section
12. WTF
13. My Aggin
14. Take Another (Blunted Conversation)
15. Green Tree feat. Declaime
16. Chosen One
17. On My Way
This is another one of those: those that know will get all excited, those that don't know, will all go 'oh no, all those that know get all excited, and I don't know why' records. Yes, Oh No is in deed Madlib's little brother. That by itself can get a lot of people excited, but the goal for today is to get everyone excited. So let's say: Oh No is Madlib's really dope producer/rapper brother. Okay, got a couple of more with us. Now, there's nothing little about Oh No's sound. Something that was very evident on "What The F*ck" from the "We Came From Beyond 2" compilation (the track is on here also).
But wait a minute. Didn't Oh No produce that track himself? Not according to this sticker that's sticking to the little carton that wraps around the CD… Hmmm…. Well, whatever the case, "WTF" is a dope song. The sounds hit hard and Oh No flows over this like…well, kinda like Wildchild. Actually when you listen to this record, don't be surprised if you're like: damn, the Lootpack are at it again. Cause Madlib produced six songs, and Oh No just really sounds like Wildchild. Hmm….
Anyway, I'm sure you are all excited by now. So let's go for the chuckle: Allegedly, Oh No's real name is Michael Jackson. What explains the 'oooohh noooo'.
What's neither here nor there, but this record is seriously banging. Be it when Oh No does the beat himself, like on "I'm Here", which operates as the intro, or when he spits over the one Kan Kick beat on "Take Another (Blunted Conversation)". This song is of course about saving the planet and helping your brotherman through hardship…no it's not. It's about seeing all kinds of weird shapes and clouds, and hearing all kinds of weird voices when you're - caugh, caugh - smoked up (more of that on "Green Tree" with Declaime). Speaking of one time producers, J Dilla also does one song, and it's called "Move", features very interesting drum programming (that will get praise from ?uestlove again), and Oh No is all about getting you out of his way, cause he's on the move.
One of the more interesting songs, lyrically, is "Perceptions". Because Oh No gets all introspective and he actually portrays himself as an interesting man. Even though in real life, he's not the loudest dude. Loud he however gets on a musical smack down called "Stomp That v.2" a song produced by an angry Madlib. Part three of that song - unofficially - is "My Aggin", where Madlib again creates something rough around the edges with similar crashing and crunching sounds. Finally he also did "Chosen One", and Oh No twiddles with a story concept.
But not all things can be good on here. So Oh No produces a real 'eeh' moment with "The Ride". The beat is rather bad, and he - plus his guest Medaphoar (who now wants to be called M.E.D.) - can't save the track. What's even worse though: there you have Aloe Blacc, one of the best not known rappers on this globe, featured on your song "Getaway", and you only let him croon the hook? Are you f*ckin' kidding? Seriously. I mean, that's what a Staci Epps is for, and she does a good job on "I Can't Help Myself". But Aloe Blacc singing and not rapping….that's a serious 'oh no' as much as a 'no no'.
Those two 'oh no' however can not make us not like this Oh No album. Man, it's good. The beats are good. Oh No is certainly not the best rapper ever, but he's a more traditional one, and in many ways probably a better rapper than his brother is. As for a better producer? Well, not really. Madlib really hooked up some bangers on here. And there's just too few songs by Oh No to really come up with a fair judgement. The fair and balanced and proper judgement of this record however is: get it or you'll be like 'oh no, I didn't get it.'
review: tadah
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