Children Of Possibility
label: Ninja Tune

production: DJ Vadim

year of release: 2005
Fear The Labour
Trying To Speak
Be Your Own
Over Expose
Hollow Human Beings
Cupid Smiling The Smile
11. Sunshine
12. Unfamiliar Places
  Be Your Own
Drip, drop. The rain falls on the traveller's hat. Shouldering the backpack, it whizzes by the nose and leaves a stream of odour, from all the spices this trotter picked up a couple of stops ago. The t-shirt he put on this morning smells of curry. There's coconut powder making his pants smell. Taking a couple of steps forward he feels like he's treading new water, leaving footprints on a beach without any. He has to move, continue to travel, cause as soon as he stops he's either a stranger or home.
The three good people of One Self - arguably one of the dumbest names for a group ever- happen to return from a trip, shuffling their feet. It's fun telling all the stories and showing off the little treats and gizmos picked up on the way. But none the less, reality has always been too small for human imagination and no cage can keep a free mind.
Or free spirit. And free DJ Vadim, Blu Room 13 and sole lade Yarah Bravo are. Free as much as freed. As they are leaving a lot of standards and groundwork and guidelines behind, instead exploring the music to it's full vastness and its full spectrum. "Be Your Own" and "Bluebird" were only the first taste of what's an incredible album. The stop and go character, along with the oriental instrumentation already made "Be Your Own" a masterpiece, while "Bluebird" just has to be this summer's anthem. It's been a while that we've heard such a funky good times sunshine song that's no reggae, no Ibiza, no sand in your sandals.
Reggae we do get on "Trying To Speak" what immediately makes it one of the worst songs on here. But DJ Vadim steps in with flawless production; patiently waiting for us to brush off the throne he has to sit on. He reaches the highest of peaks with "Fear Of Labour" a song with world music guitars and Blu Room rapping with one of the illest voices in rap music. This is simply amazing.
While it all stays strangely humble: there's no big breaks, big beats or big moments really. It takes a certain will to appreciate the small beauty, the one flower on a hillside of stone. With the musical, while not intrusive music by Vadim, the slightly louder than a whisper rapping and singing, the whole record is just rather quiet. It speaks of quiet subjects and makes everything glisten of a positive message, screaming in its peace and balance. Be it the sing songy "Over Exposed," the Indian "SD2," or the building and luring "Cupid Smiling The Smile." And there's only really the dramatic "Paranoid" that's stepping out of line.
It takes a lot of courage to grab a big old rucksack and just step into the world, let gravity and the wind carry you to wherever. One Self has done the equivalent in music, courageously pulling together many influences, elements and styles from all kinds of continents, threading them all together to make a seamless patchwork. And that's why it takes us to "Unfamiliar Places," which are friendly, hospital places, lending a roof over our head, shelter from the rain, and more spices for our lives.
review: tadah
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