Burnt Out Bizness
label: homespun
production: dj obi
guest: resek
year of release: 2004
website: cobrala.com
1. Intro
2. Do My Dance
3. Big Brother's Watchin
4. Burnin' Hot feat. Resek
5. Father's Day feat. Resek
6. No Homies
7. Wanna Be An MC

Now calling two crews his own - one being Blak Forest, the other being Cobra LA (read the review) - we have encountered Otherwize before. On this EP here, Otherwize teams up with his partner in snake DJ Obi (who did the beats and played the guitar parts on here) to give us seven roughly shaped tunes that are stinking up the place with a lot of industrial funk.

That is operating as a description of sonics and not of odors. It puts Otherwize's recordings into the murk of the science fiction g-funk (oh man, what a hateful genre description) that is already a well known ingredient to what LA artists are cooking up. That's the music, but now what's with the words?
The opening statement is that "your favorite rapper is wack." Yes, we need more people giving us the simple truths no one dares to say. Would work in politics too. As it would in reviews or this whole business for that matter. Which is a "Burnt Out Bizness". Burnt out, like in frustrated or frustrating.
Otherwize got some heat and anger in him. He's describing his living as "Do My Dance". There's this expression called 'dancing on eggs'. And thinking about how you have to live, always careful, always un-established, always anxious, that's kinda like if you'd be dancing on eggs, trying not to break any. So you could call this conscious. You could call this honest, you could call this life. Looking at the next title: "Big Brother's Watchin", you expect some conspiracy theory words, but instead, there's many ladies names named in verse one. Verse two fits our expectations better. He calls for a revolution, calls for just acknowledgement, calls for looking up into the sky.
With "Burnin' Hot" DJ Obi finally steps up with something we really dig. The other songs were cool, but allowed little character amongst the thick and same sounding funk. This here however has some nice percussion and it has Resek on guest appearance. He contributes to this rap rapping about rap, and stays around for "Father's Day", which however is not one you're going to play as a hymn to your own daddy on said day. Instead the two offer us the giving of tales and another lack of a happy ending.
Now, let's consider how Otherwize sounds, rather than what he spits, when listening to "No Homies". He has many gaps in his flows, meaning he takes brakes between one word and the other. That puts him into a Saafir school of emceeing, and considering the beat choices, don't be surprised if Otherwize does like Saafir. He would however like him enough to not bite his style. Instead Otherwize managed to grow a flow that he carelessly utilizes and that enables him to put his money where his mouth is on accusing songs like "Wanna Be An MC", which again features a good DJ Obi production.
These seven songs are quite perfect in size to get better equated with the soloist Otherwize. You get to know enough to still be curious for more, while it will take you a couple of spins to properly get to and appreciate this.
review: tadah
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