The Harvest
label: galapagos4
production: maker
guest: mestizo
year of release: 2004
1. Begin
2. The "IT" In "Keeping IT Real"
3. Broken Wing
4. The Siren Of Liberty Island
5. Deuterium
6. The Network featuring Mestizo
7. Capathy
8. Break
9. Road Atlas
10. Chicago ‘66
11. Ugly Hungry Puppy
12. Where I Go, There I Go
13. Ruby Ragdollenne
14. A Little Something
15. End
Why is Maker such a good producer? Listen to "Begin" and how he leaves gaps between the drum kicks. Of course that's just a small detail. But all details are small, so that's a redundant thing to say. It's however a detail that shows care and shows why Maker is such a good producer.
Why is Qwel such a great rapper? Because he's an interested human being. He will ask you about things. He observes, he listens, and as he said: he really puts a lot of effort into his songs. That's why they are always more than what they might seem to be. And he says that he probably puts the most effort into his lyrics. Of all rappers.
Quite a bold statement, but you wanna believe him. Especially when he talks about how too many rappers lie. That he does on "The 'IT' In 'Keeping IT Real'". He says we need to do something about fake rap. Yes, in deed. Rap does not need a Paris Hilton or a Fonzworth Bentley album.
Let's quote the bio: "Our culture has made a mockery of itself. True art has been replaced by glamour and glitz (where's the gold?); money has taken precedent over blood, sweat and talent. You are being cheated. You are not being given the choice. You are only shown the plastic mold, the mass-produced robot that replaced the man. It's time for change."
All of that means: we need more Qwel.
Because he's someone that means what he says. He's one of those persons that are always too serious to really be fun. Not to say that Qwel is no fun, but this kid is serious. Really serious. And he does not lie. But what if he can't lie? Well, he needs to talk about all those things he observes. And in a serious world, serious things happen, that serious people think about.
Let's again quote the bio: "This album marks a return to a more up front rap style for Qwel, using Maker's soulful boom-bap productions as the guide. The point is delivered with precision, both sonically and lyrically. Qwel delves deep into wordplay while maintaining his narrative focus and breakneck delivery. Maker, a proficient producer, has upped the ante and created a lush and rich tapestry of beats, which range in style from in your face to subtle and serene. The plot has thickened; consider yourself warned."
Qwel is not an emo-hopper. He's a complicated and intelligent rapper. Be afraid, run away. Ignorance is bliss. Yeah whatever. Be afraid of something that does more than make you lean back or put out whatever's on fire. In a fair world, people would go 'damn' in a positive kind of way when they hear the fast rhyming of Qwel and Mestizo on "The Network" (and later by Qwel alone on "Chicago '66"). And not 'damn' in a negative kind of way, because they haven't yet heard a single reference to woman, overprized drinks or clothing. Rap - and ever so often: rap fans - is/are in a poor state.
Yes, call me the frustrated journalist. I don't even wanna give away too much of what's going on here. Feels like throwing pearls in front of hogs. Then again, you're here, you're reading. This is preaching to the choir. You know Qwel is an incredible rapper. You know that Maker is an incredible producer. You'll love the man's instrumental "Break" and "End" (a simply amazing beat), or again the drum on "Ruby Ragdollenne". You will probably memorize a couple of lines of "Ugly Hungry Puppy", a true follow up to the rubber duckie thematics, and be it just for the title.
So what now? So many words to say that Qwel is a good rapper and Maker is a good producer? And they have now recorded an album together, that combines the goodness of the one with the goodness of the other? Not canceling each other out, but building something together that stands stronger, taller and thicker than one by himself? It's the harvest, go feast.
review: tadah
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