Sach 5th Ave.
label: Afflatus

production: Omid, Sach.

guests: DJ Drez, Imeuswe, DJ Gabe Real, DJ Tetris Orlando Greenhill.
year of release: 2004
website: |
Sach 5th Parade
L.A. N.Y. Jump
Brass Rung
Rhyme Slayer's Blues
Slave Song
Knowledge Over Money
Each One
Go Just To Stop
Sach Mother Goose
12. Jamila
13. Voice Of Hip Hop
14. Cantos
  Brass Rung
A slew of new - that is old - The Nonce records have appeared in stores lately. This here however is the only professionally manufactured release - and most likely the only with all new material. The others, Sach's own "Seven Days To Engineer…" EP and the two The Nonce EP's "The Right State Of Mind" and "Advance Regression" are none the less appreciated and belated releases full of good music.
Well, you know the story - but if not: The Nonce blew up with their song "Mix Tape", released the album "World Ultimate", another EP ("The Sight Of Things") after that and then Yusef Afloat died. Only after releasing an EP himself (now can we get a re-release of that please?), but much before his time. Sach on the other hand also released "Suckas Hate Me", and album that wasn't thoroughly great and struggling due to bare production. Therefore we're not too mad that he opted to some producer's beats on this album. And considering he picked Omid, we're not just 'not mad', we're rather ecstatic.
The two do a massive entering with "Sach 5th Parade" - which starts to become somewhat of a signature Omid thing to open big. Here Sach introduces himself and reminds everyone of what kinds of lyrics he's capable of while Omid builds and builds and builds the background. As high as this goes, as toned down is "Joy" - which is somewhat of a content looking back. The party gets started with "L.A. N.Y. Jump" - an homage tune where Sach does a lot of flowing because it's fun to flow. "Brass Rung" is just one super mega dope song, starting totally different than it progresses. There's a nifty little bell, and Sach rides the beat like one seasoned cowboy.
Heck, you'll struggle to find much that's bad about this album, Actually one thing that's not so good are the moments where Sach intends to sing, like on "Rhyme Slayer's Blues" and "Jamila". "Slave Song" - an acappella sung something by Imeuswe - may be skipped though.
Apart from that, things are well with that love-me-or-love-me-not song "Rhyme Slayer's Blues", with "Knowledge Over Money" and there's not much smooth about the neck breaking speed of "To". The poetry on "Sach Mother Goose" appears like a little story told from a father to a child. And the whole album ends as it started: with a bang on "Cantos".
Now, this is certainly more complex, less smooth and laid back than the old and cherished The Nonce material. Nothing wrong with that though if the current manifestation is of such quality. What's also because Sach sounds much more skilled on here than on past records. With the grand sum of things meaning that this album is worthy of The Nonce legacy and much, much better than Sach's last album.
review: tadah
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