Slow Burn
label: Point Man

production: Tony Stone, Joey Beats, Shawn J. Period, Relic The Oddity, Dert, others.

guests: Explicit
year of release: 2005
Slow Burn
Son Come Down
As One
Line Life
Wasted Tears
Well Traveled feat. Explicit
Crime Of The Century
Love You Anyway
Kept The Break
Spare Change
And Uhhh...
  Bonus Track
13. Keep An Eye Out
  Love You Anyway
Who is more intelligent, the genius who wastes his life or the moderately intelligent man who reaches his full capacity? Unproven potential equates to nothing in the grand scheme of things. With that thought in mind we observe an emcee named Sev Statik make the most of what he has across his latest release called "Slow Burn." Don't expect any Gift of Gab style flow or multi-syllable structures seen in One Man Army's recent CD, nor is there a ton of Sage Francis type wordplay. But what is apparent throughout the disc are well thought out and honest lyrics.
Rooted in a Christian moral Sev carries the CD with a personal appreciation of God but not one so overbearing outside listeners can't appreciate the album. The album starts with another great beat by up and coming producer Tony Stone [on the title track "Slow Burn"]. Songs like this are where Sev shines most because they conform to his laid back, semi talking delivery. One of the strong qualities of this album is that you can pay attention and delve into the lyricism or have it playing in the background, not really listening and it sounds good as well. The reason for this is Sev does not command a lot of attention on the track, which isn't a bad thing, rather a byproduct of approaching the music with humility.
One common trend that seems to follow other artists in Sev's classification, such as Mars ILL, The Procussions and Lightheaded is that their production is consistently good. Non-Prophet producer Joey Beats delivers two signature sounding bangers on the album ["Son Come Down" and "Love You Anyway"] and Rawkus producer Shawn J. Period even makes a notable appearance on "As One". All of the beats on the CD are well put together but where the fault lies is that sometimes Sev cannot conform his delivery to the style of the beat. On the jiggy-sounding "Crime Of The Century" Sev sounds unnatural which ends up with a failed formula. Also the collaboration with female emcee Explicit on "Well Traveled" ends up as another skippable track due to the lack of chemistry between the two emcees.
But ultimately those are the complaints that can be mustered up throughout the course of the CD. It's not the most technically skilled or amazing CD ever created but that wasn't the intention. It's a honest expression from an artist making the most of what he has. That is the wisdom he possesses and that wisdom is worth much more then our favorite emcees who never live up to their potential.
review: point one
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