An Evening With The Sound Providers
label: abb
production: sound providers
guests: little brother, asheru, maspyke, the procussions, wee bee foolish
year of release: 2004
1. Intro
2. Live At the Spot #1
3. For Old Time's Sake feat. Asheru
4. Night Steps
5. Minutes feat. The Procussions
6. Only Moments Ago
7. Autumns Evening Breeze
8. Live At the Spot #2
9. It's Gonna Bee (Alright) feat. Wee Bee Foolish
10. Jazz At the Cove
11. The Throwback feat. Maspyke
12. Live At the Spot #3
13. The Prodigal Return
14. Live At the Spot #4
15. Pacific Vibrations
16. Live At the Spot #5
17. Braggin & Boastin feat. Little Brother
18. Never Judge feat. Soulo
19. Live At the Spot #6
20. Outro
21. The Throwback Remix feat. Maspyke
Little Brother started. The Sound Providers continue. If you like the LB's, you'll like them SP's.
Aight, job done, record sold. Right? Of course. Because Little Brother, with their now very famous - and somewhat too popular - brother 9th Wonder, have a lot of fans. And we can let the Sound Providers hang from their coat tail, especially as the two records came out on the same label: ABB. And because Little Brother are on the track "Bragging & Boasting". So…
But no, that'd be too easy. Plus, the Sound Providers are definitely their own entity. And it'd be too easy (and to ignorant) to say that the SP's copy the LB's. Uhm, no. The LB's are inspired by that good olde nasty early 90s boom bap. As are the Sound Providers. And both work it, however to different heights.
A big difference between the brotherly record to this album is that much of the record is kept instrumental (from track "Only Moments Ago" to "The Prodigal Return"). Jason Skills and Soulo (both from San Diego) let the beats ride, ride, and there is a sunset somewhere on "Autumns Evening Breeze". A mushy little title, but one that fits perfectly.
There's a couple of things that hold the record back though. Be it that "Night Steps" just sounds too much like a whole lot we have heard before, or that "Only Moments Ago" is basically a faster version of "Autumns Evening Breeze". So while all is really solid, it's nothing new under the sun and it fails to excite at times. And that's the main difference to Little Brother: they do build their music on the blueprints created in the early 90s, but they add something to these blueprints. This however, seems to be content with offering minimalist recreations of exactly those blueprints. A good example for that is "Jazz At The Cove", which features a really nice piano, but lacks to have peaks that raise over the fog. And we enjoy to bob our head to "Pacific Vibrations", but there's nothing signature about this.
At the same time however, we get a bundle of illustrious (and well matched) guests, that add a well appreciated extra element to the songs. Things start with Asheru on "For Old Time's Sake", they continue with The Procussions on "Minutes". Further we get Wee Bee Foolish ("It's Gonna Bee (Alright)"), Maspyke ("The Throwback" and the better "The Throwback Remix"), "Never Judge" with Soulo and the previously mentioned Little Brother on "Braggin & Boastin". Looking at this list, you can guess the vibe, as well as the quality. And as none of these artists disappoints, the promises are met and the listening pleasure is achieved.
Because this record is good in so many ways. Everyone that's still fiending for that old vibe will find it on here. But maybe that old vibe could/should have been shaken and stirred a little bit, because as it wasn't, the album just struggles to stand out.
review: tadah
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