5-Day Notice
label: Fordafresh

production: Furlee, Madd Crates, Meaty Ogre, Memo, Yoda, Mixx Massacre.

guests: Verbal, Akbar.

year of release: 2005
Pleasant Day
5 Day Notice
Porcelain Thoughts feat. Verbal
Hey Cap
Beyond The Sun
Lords Of The Sky feat. Akbar
Porcelain Memories feat. Verbal
11. Furspective
12. Hey Intel
13. The Routine
14. A Small Hotel (Swan Song)
Chicago has been putting out some dope music through-out the years, and a steady flow of dope releases have been working their way out of Chi-town lately. Now The Landlords put forth their sophomore effort "5-Day Notice" in an attempt to add another link to the chain of good music.
Besides the two members of the group, the mc Roper and the mc/producer Furlee, a couple of the usual Chicago suspects show up. People like Yoda, Memo and Meaty Ogre. So at least on paper this looks rather promising.
We start kind of nice with the slow and jazzy "Pleasant Day" that introduces the guys and is rather pleasant. The slow and jazzy feel is also evident on the Furlee produced "Porcelain Thoughts" and "Porcelain Memories" that both feature Verbal. Both are quite introspective and mellow, and could be seen as one track divided into two part, even though the beats are different. So we got two good tracks here.The Furlee solotrack "Furspective" continues the slow and introspective steez, and the jazz inspiration gets even more obvious on the instrumental "A Small Hotel (Swan Songs)", that is pretty nice too. "Precious" is another example of the introvertness thats appearent on many of the tracks. These guys are not afraid to talk about their feelings, and there is an honesty to their lyrics that is kinda refreshing. Not that they never get up in your face, but they showcase all the aspects of their personality. And therefore never seem onedimensional.
There are other flavours on this album though. Like on "Invincible" where Yoda loops up some eighties powerballad complete with distorted guitars and a woman singing the hook. This description may sound corny, and the hook kinda is. But at the same time it's intense and the lyrics are good, so all in all we got ourselves a great track.
"Lords Of The Sky" features Akbar and tells the story of how your average family-man can turn drugsmuggler. The concept is not new but it is well executed and thus makes an enjoyable track. Some straight up braggadocio and battle rhymes are served up on "The Routine" and "Chivalry". They even squeeze in the lovesong "Beyond The Sun" and play landlords on the titletrack.
Roper and Furlee are good emcees but they dont really stand out from all the other good emcees out there. And the production is good and traditional but most of the stuff on here has been heard before. But this is one of those albums that despite it not beeing amazing, innovative or even really exciting, somehow still manages to be a damn good listen. So add this album to your I'll-check-it-out-if-I-see-it list. Cause if you do give it a listen, chances are you will want to add another solid Chicago-release to your collection.
review: Jonezz
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