Slow Your Roll
production: edan
guest: special k of awesome 2, edo g., edan.
year of release: 2004
1. Time's Fly
2. A Million And One Things To Do
3. Let's Not Be Real
4. Reststop Sweetheart
5. Spelling Bee (Hosted by Special K of Awesome 2)
6. Mind In A Spin feat. Edo G.
7. The Assembly Line
8. Who Needs A Mic?
9. Personal Ads
10. The Mekster
11. Stoerokinit
12. Night Lights
13. A Cold Day In Hell
14. Water In Your Cereal
15. @$$hole feat. Edan
16. Especially4U
17. Thinking About You
18. The Way Things Are
If you've got a time machine, where would you time travel to? The future, the past, yesterday, tomorrow, today in, uhm, ten minutes? Now, in case you like to listen to good rap music, you wanna travel to anywhere between 1988 and 1994. The people of Time Machine did just that. They gazoomed back to 1993, studied the trade of the music, and then bawoosh, they came back to give us their Music of 2004, via circa 1993.
As this fuses the best of back then with the best of around now, we got a true winner at our hands; "Slow Your Roll" is from the first to the last track a treat - both lyrically and on the beat tip. Actually looking at the latter, the only not-so-brilliant beat is on "Mind In A Spin". Apart from that, the Time Machine producer Mekalek really comes through on the majority of the songs (including the grand instrumental "Water In Your Cereal"), while fellow Machinist Jaysonic adds his one offering "Night Lights", Steorok does six songs (including the magnificent "Reststop Sweetheart"), the Martian Gang two (including the opening "Time's Fly"), Curty Cut one, and Mr. Edan himself one more. And even though there's several cooks stirring the stew, at the end of the day, everyone drowning a spoon in it will go 'hmmmm' and rub his/her tummy. Cause the beats are tasty …. hmmmm …. rub-rub-rub.
And then there are the lyrics, and here Jaysonic and Comel shine at least as much as them dudes on the beat tip. We get a lot of humor, oh a whole lot of humor. That starts with "Personal Ads", where the guys are advertising themselves. It continues with "Spelling Bee", which might be one of the most shining moments. So let's get a couple of quotes out: "you can't spell 'embarrassment' without 'bare ass', so if you're looking for bear ass then follow bear tracks […] you know you can't spell 'obituary' without 'bitch', cause ain't it a bitch how life so suddenly switch". However, there's also: "you can't spell 'responsibility' without 'bill': before you use that credit card make sure you got enough scrill".
And that actually puts some seriousness in all the happy go hihi. Something that can also be found on other moments on the album, like "Let's Not Be Real". Well kinda. This can be taken as a side blow to the 'keep it real' mantra, but when there's lines like "let's not be real cause everyone likes big breasts / and you're getting less attention with a-cups on your chest" or the whatever-that-means part of "and a senseless rhyme sentence makes sense when it's mentioned / in a real environment and it's heard by real henchmen / then a realist and idealist then reveals it's unrealness in paradoxical / analogical, and an optical view clearance". Then there's also "A Cold Day In Hell", where we do get a message and a telling-much line "nods his head and smiles real wide eternal thanks was given / wondered if it was for the money or because I listened".
So there's the really 'conscious', the hidden 'conscious', but nothing too heavy to take away from the fun. It just shows balance and respect. Same again on the honey-have-my-heart songs "Thinking About You" and "The Way Things Are" (with a great Mekalek beat), the getting-ready-to-rock song "Stoerokinit" where Comel mocks us and delivers: "we're rocking for you because you came to hear us drop a jewel / taste the revolution but the revolution isn't food / it involves a long history of a culture that's abused". And speaking of Comel: he's good, but Jaysonic might just spits a couple more memorable lines.
But that's really trying too hard to find a hair in our stew. As in total, this album offers no reason for complaint. Why? Because this album is better than the album you loved yesterday.
review: tadah
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