production: kid kaos and sl one, bloodfang.

guests: bloodfang, jax and flux of binkis recs., risingsons.

year of release: 2003
1. Three Fold Illusion Intro
2. Combining Perfect Rhymes Part 2 (C-P-R-2)
3. The End
4. Verbatim feat. Bloodfang
5. Out To Get Ya
6. Mic Club feat. Jax and Flux of Binkis Recs.
7. Back To The Future
8. Out Of Work
9. Got To Be
10. Boiling Point
11. Lifestyle Is Vintage feat. RisingSons
12. You Don't Want No More (Remix)
13. Amazing
14. The Only Interlude
15. Outro
16. Mic Club Remix feat. Jax and Flux of Binkis Recs.
17. ... Is Down With Us
Amongst all those space alien, super pimps, emo hoppping wannabe porn stars, you kinda wonder where the good ol' rappers from the park went to. They must be somewhere. And they must not be confused with those retro rappers that put a style on, rather than be that style. Yes, rap now enjoys it's own retro movement.
As much as the traditional rappers have disappeared, as much they have not. There's still the ones that just do what they do. Retro or not, that's just the way they get down. Vintage Imperial is one of these groups, and Kid Kaos and Sl One are two of them dudes. They rhyme like they're still in the park and rap never made it to Madison Square Garden. Or the Prada store. Nope, here the lyrics are braggadocio, the beats are sticking to the norm of boom bap. Nuddin' more, nuddin' less.
A quick introduction is given with "Combining Perfect Rhymes Part 2 (C-P-R-2)" much more than with "The End" as the first is pure bragging and boasting, while the later is saying clever rhymes in the given time. There's only a slight difference, but there's a difference. And while both songs build on a piano loop, the latter moves again a little further than just the standard. The next pair of "Verbatim" (feat. Bloodfang) and "Out To Get Ya" offers the first change. While the first still does the same, the latter gives us a new topic, namely talking about the game, talking about who's out to get ya and other explanations. All of that over a dope beat, that's putting a lot of punch behind the left hook.
This exploring of something more is continued on the previously released (on its own little 12") "Mic Club"; even though the braggadocio is lending a lot of spiritual guidance to this. Here the two team up with two more, namely Jux and Flux of Binkis Recs. And all of 'em talk about how dope it would be to have a club where only dope emcees could get in. As much as this beat has a lot of 'annoyance' potential, comparing it to the "Mic Club Remix" that appears later on, it's actually a toss up which version works better. There's a couple of sounds in the remix that are unneeded, and the hook also disappears in the not changing background. But in general the reworked version has it's qualities too.
Now, remember our Retro or not theory from the beginning and then listen to "Back to The Future". Because this is really recreating much of the old styles, rather than being it. The song is incredibly fast for today's ears, so is the heavy scratching. But the total of the song is reminding us why it's time to listen to Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap or King Sun again. But first stay with us, or you'll miss "Out Of Work", flipping a known sample, but flipping it. Kid and Sl are still bragging, so no real reason to mention it every time. But it's necessary for us to mention that on "Boiling Point" they again talk about the struggle, that on "Lifestyle Is Vintage", a collaboration with RisingSons, they speak inspiring verses, while finally "Amazing" does that squirrel chorus thing, plus some more real world rhyming.
Plus in all fairness, we should also mention that the beat on "You Don't Want No More Remix" must be the weakest on here, and the Intro and Outro flips the same unimpressive beat. But that's seriously about all that attracts complaints. That is if you accept that Vintage Imperial just is. And they don't want to be anything but. Therefore they do what they do and what so many others also did before. That's fair and sounds good. Nuddin' more, nuddin' less.
review: tadah
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