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The people at Skypilot came up with a rather interesting idea: you take an old movie, get a couple of funny cats with good voices and have 'em dub the film. They call the whole thing: Flix Remix. Sounds good? It does. And that's exactly what they for their first installment, that's called "Iron Fist Pillage", mainly due to Cappadonna lending his voice to one of the leading characters. And the script of the film was revised, hence altered storylines were created, character motivations were changed, and some boom bap beats were put in for good measure too.

The story of the film is quickly told: the leader of one crew gets murdered and another cat tries to take over. Thing is though, that he's a show tunes fan, hence him as the head is straight up inconceivable. So the circumstances are set for enough swinging fists, hoes, blows, blades, tattoos, blunts and nose hair, to get the party started. Or something. Because this is not to be taken too serious. And that's exactly what's so good about it. Because the classic, vintage kung fu, spicy park hill style flick is some old ass movie, that looks like kindergarten class to what the Hong Kong cinema is treating us with nowadays. So the movie will not impress anyone that has seen "Once Upon A Time In China" or any other of the millions of trampoline films, as this reviewer likes to call 'em. But the dubbing, damn....

Because that was done brilliant. Brilliant in the way that the makers paid enormous close attention to the dubbing, that the words spoken are exactly matching the lip movement. And the voices come from the previously mentioned Cappadonna, and with him Jamie Summers, MTV2's Steph Lova, Son Don Moet, Hideo Seaver, Othorized F.A.M. and others. And they put on their broadest ghetto slang, putting in hip hop references, that in combination with the action just sounds so ridiculously exaggerated and misplaced, you'll be rolling on the floor laughing. Hence the one and a half hours on this video tape are thoroughly entertaining and shall be the diet of every martial arts and hip hop fan.

review by tadah

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