X.O. The Movie Experience

What a glamorous life all those musicians live. They hang out backstage, party all the time, get groupies, free beer in the dressing room and all that good stuff. That's the stereotype. But in real life, it usually is less magical, as the artists are often busy enough doing something, prepare for the show, do interviews, or fight for the last bottle of Henny. Most of the time they are tired because of the travelling or they are simply not there, due to them being a) in the hotel, b) still in another city, c) not even their manager knows, d) somewhere passed out, e) behind a door showing the 'do not disturbed' sign, or f) don't ask. It's a hard life, but someone gots to live it.

Then again, there's Tha Liks. And with this DVD you get the chance to hang with 'em, and the 72 minutes prove everything that has just be said wrong. Cause these cats know how to combined the three b's (bitches, brew and blunts) into one big hoopla. And they party wherever they are, be it in a tour bus, with some willing groupies, be it in front of their own billboard on Sunset, be it on a photo shoot, or be it just driving around. And that's just a few places where we are taken: we also get to visit J-Ro's grandma, we check out them practicing for their stage performances, and most prominently, we are treated to footage of shows, where there's more bitches, more brew and more blunts combined into an even bigger hoopla.

So that's what we get, but how is it done? Great. Why? Because Tha Liks are not taking themselves too serious, hence when the situation gets too tense, you can get a Tash smacking J-Ro, or the latter making fun of their manager. Or you get the Tash directed no-budget video of "Anotha Round", after we checked out how the Loud-budget "Best U Can" video was shot. You get the Likwit cats dropping by to kick freestyles, drop by some recording session and record stores, and you can look Xzibit over the shoulder when he writes his rhymes. And the commentary option is even more than hilarious, as you can watch the whole film again, with Tha Liks commenting what's happening on the screen.

So if you are Tha Liks, then the life of a musician is glamorous, you hang out in the backstage area, you can get chicks to show their boobs on stage (maybe even grab one or two), and all that good stuff. It's a hard life, but someone gots to live it.

review by tadah

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