From 1 Generation 2 The Next
includes: ghostface, m.o.p., doujah raze, kanye west, raekwon, crisis center, kev brown, kool g rap, phife, others.
year of release: 2003
Please note, this mixcd contains actual mixing. Man, just so you know. I mean, remember when pretty much all mixtapes/mixcd contained mixing? Now this is one of those. Not really a novelty, but hey, we don't want to confuse anyone.
Alright, and with that out of the way, let's talk about the value of a mixtape. First, if you're a lazy bum, you don't have to put together a tape/cd/minidisc of your favorite tunes, but have someone else do that for you. Plus, if that someone is good, he'll put his own touch to the record, mixing things, blending, cutting things, etc. And as the DJs get the cooler tunes than you will get (unless you're one of those downloading shmucks), a mixtape may offer the pleasant surprises.
Therefore, as a lazy person, who does not download stuff, a mixtape is a safe investment. Then again, not every mixtape, but this mixtape here is. Here we get a number of tried and tested dope songs, along with the unknown gems, the hits and all the other positive characteristics songs can have. And while DJ A-Beats and Double J are kinda holding back with their trickery, they still put enough on here, so that you know, they know what they are doing.
And what they put on here are a couple of exclusives, like freestyles from Doujah Raze, C.A.L.I.B.E.R. of Critically Acclaimed (listen), Sketch & Socket and Nailz. There's a bundle of remixes by DJ A-Beats, like "2 Words" by Mos Def, "Gully" by Kool G Rap" or "Backwards" by Alchemist feat. Mobb Deep. You get the current good hits "Run" by Ghostface Killah and Jadakiss, as well as Mos Def's "Beef", the not so good smash hit of "Running" by 'Pac and Biggie", as well as the connoisseurs favorites, like Big Noyd "Shoot Em Up Part II" or "The Dedication" by Doujah Raze feat. O.C and Born Unique.
And along with that, you get many, many, songs you know, or don't know, that create the appropriate head nodding. So there's the more famous folks like Kayne West & Common ("?"), Raekwon feat. Fat Joe ("Clientele Kid"), Black Moon ("12 Inch Barrel") and M.O.P. ("Always On The Run"). But also a whole lot of upcoming superstars, like Jax ("For The Cream"), Raw Produce ("Richard's Radio Jam"), Encore ("Essentially Yours") or again Doujah Raze ("Ghosts Of Mars").
Happy? I mean, all the ingredients are present. The music is good, the DJs know when to let the song play, and know when a scratch is at place. Plus, the mixing is good. Yes, mixing. On a mixtape. Damn, who would have expected that.
review: tadah
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