Trifecta - Underground Exclusives
label: cip one
includes: aesop rock, vast aire, murs, nas, jay-z, cryptic one, hangar 18, breezly brewin, vordul, rza, ghostface killah, others.
year of release: 2004
1. Prelude
2. Cip One feat. Double AB "Intro"
3. Breezly Brewin' feat. Vordul "Life's Ill 2 (DJ Cip Mix)"
4. Aesop Rock "Magic"
5. Murs "LAX to Cip's Crib (Live)"
6. - 10. Nas "Illmatic Plus Some (Medley)"
11. Black Moon "I Got Cha Opin"
12. Vast Aire "Pegasus"
13. Double AB "What To Do"
14. Jay-Z "Moment Of Clarity (Cryptic One Remix)"
15. Opto & Billy G "Public Service Freestyle (Live)"
16. S.A. Smash "Cab Wars"
17. Cryptic One feat. Aesop Rock "Apocalypse Zone"
18. Jestoneart Esq. feat. Alaska "NY Rock Exchange"
19. Hangar 18 "Language Of Madness"
20. DJ Cip One "Scratch Interlude"
21. Mr. P "Powerful"
22. Billy Woods feat. Vordul "Pit & The Pendulum"
23. RZA as Bobby Digital "NYC Everything"
24. Method Man "What The Bloodclot"
25. Ghostface Killah "One"
26. Murs "H-U-S-T-L-E"
27. Billy Woods feat. Vast Aire, Karniege "Drinks (3 Martini Lunch)"
28. Ghostface Killah "Holla"
29. Sly Johnson "Outro"
The biggest accolade of the Atoms Family probably still is the Cannibal Ox album "The Cold Vein". None of the other releases has accomplished the same attention and undisputed praises. There's more of course: Vast Aire has a solo album out. So does Cryptic One. Hangar 18 released a surprisingly low profile album, and there's some Family releases as well. None of 'em were bad. Oh no, no. They were actually really good. But CanOx was just a classic. Not every release can be a classic.
You can of course also consider this mixcd to be an Atoms Family release. Because DJ Cips One is down like that. That's why about half of the songs on here are exclusives, sometimes especially recorded for this mixcd, given to him because he's down, or songs that are to make us fiend for what's still to come. And fiending this will get you.
Quite interesting it however also is, which songs are getting slapped with the 'most amazing' stamp of approval. That stamp first goes to "NY Rock Exchange" by Jestoneart Esq. Feat. Alaska. The concept of the lyrics, talking about a different kind of economy, and putting the raster of the regular one on this one, along with the dub heavy beat, has us rise up and demand that Jestoneart album "Dark City" now. Preferably like right now.
Just as good are the two Jay-Z remixes on here. If you've read the Cryptic One interview (read the interview), then you know that he did them and you know that they are on here. But finally listening to them, and listening to how well Cryptic put his style of music (you know, beats that are more to the mystical side of things) to the supposedly mismatching lyrics of Jay-Z, will let you forget that this is only about the seventy third remix you hear. These two songs are good, and again, make you demand more. Now. Like right now.
Another notable track is "Language Of Madness" by Hangar 18. Because here you really hear how good an emcee Alaska is. We already knew that about Windnbreeze, but Alaska is just as good. He's quick, has an effortless flow and things to say. And while we're at it, even the S.A. Smash song "Cab Wars" sounds good. And good is not necessarily an attribut that S.A. Smash has subscribed to.
So these are all exclusives, and just a selection of 'em (we also get Aesop Rock's "Magic", Vast Aire's "Pegasus", Billy Woods "Pit & The Pendulum" and "Drinks (3 Martini Lunch)" the first featuring Vordul and the second Vast Aire and Karniege and Cip's homeys Double AB, Opto, Billy G and Mr. P who does the proper "Powerful"). Apart from these, Cip runs through a couple of known and liked songs, like "Holla" by Ghostface Killah, "H-U-S-T-L-E" by Murs, "What The Bloodclot" by Method Man and the album (yes album, not single) version of Black Moon's "I Got Cha Opin". And again, that's just a selection of all the songs here, like we haven't even mentioned the Nas "Illmatic Plus Some (Medley)".
So all in all, this is what makes a good mixcd: good songs, a DJ that can blend from one song into the next song in a seamless way, heck we even get a "Scratch Interlude". In the previously mentioned interview, Cryptic One said how the success and reputation of Atoms Family has to do with them releasing so little. But damn it, listening to this mixcd, we demand more. Now. Like right now.
review: tadah
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