Bling Free Vol. 3: It's Official
label: bling free
includes: elzhi, dilated peoples, j-live, mf doom, brother ali, jeru the damaja, slum village, the grouch, diverse, epmd, soul position, nick nack, lous logic, tajai, boom bap project, others.
year of release: 2004
If you believe 'bling free' means the opposite of the 'get rich or die tryin'-attitude, you're not exactly wrong, but also not definitely right. We all live with trade-offs somehow and so DJ Graffiti's "Bling Free" is not to be understood in a strict moral sense: "A lot of people got it twisted", he says, "they think bling free means 'be broke'. That's the farthest thing from the truth. 'Bling free' means get your priority straight, know where your blessings come from, take care of your family, pay your bills, then cop the chain, but definitely you need to get your hustle on."
But first and foremost, bling free means underground de luxe. Speaking about this one at hand, "Vol 3", the lineup really is mouthwatering. This time we get only the icing of the cake. So, it is difficult to pick any piece, as all of them look yummy. Uhm… we get the rocking J-Live-Wordsworth collabo ("Bosoms Remix") for example, a pensive Feenom Circle ("Subtle"), followed by a nice Otis Redding sample (Finale - "Change"), followed by this supa dupa Brother Ali remix ("Champion"), followed by a deadpan but precise Voice Watson feat. luckyiam.PSC, later one of the best Jeru ever heard ("War"), rhyming breathless and breathtaking - time out.
This could be the point where you might go back to the beginning. Or press play, put the needle down, whatever. We get Big Tone ("La Vida Loca") next, extraordinarily constructed, very slim though, and maybe only a couple of harmonies too short. Next an autobiographical dead prez (maybe only a couple of harmonies too long), later an exclusive (and nice) Slum Village track, plus Strange Fruit Project, plus EPMD, plus, plus plus….
Time for another break. Again you might go back to the beginning. Or listen to the advertising message the mixmaster is divulging. An introduction to the additional remix (yes, another one!) which treats you right. More soulful than the cuts we've heard before, starting with the veery smoooth "Could You Be" by D-Minor; louis logic's sing-song-rapping additionally. If we got the icing before, this is the cream on top. A couple of instrumental tracks ("Mustard Seed", "Sunshine", "Magic Says"…) until we finally arrive at the phenomenal Phat Kat - "Destiny" - the perfect finale, I would say.
All in all DJ Graffiti is providing good quality. Something you don't hear all day. Whether 'bling free', or not, at the end of the day, it's just all about good music. And brains. Rewind!
review: denise
1. DJ Graffiti : Intro
2. Elzhi : It's Your World
3. The Procussions : Just Over Broke
4. Dilated Peoples : Bullet Train
5. Little Brother & Fakts One : Grown Folks
6. J-Live & Wordsworth : Bosoms Remix
7. Lawless Element : Against The Rules
8. Izreal & MF Doom : Pop Quiz
9. The Feenom Circle : Subtle
10. Finale: Change
11. Brother Ali & DJ Graffiti : Me & Ali
12. Brother Ali : Champion Remix
13. Voice Watson feat. luckyiam.PSC : Talk To Us
14. Now On : Stop
15. Jeru The Damaja : War
16. Big Tone : La Vida Loca
17. dead prez : Window To My Soul
18. AML : Feel It
19. Fakts One feat. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik : The Show Starter
20. Boom Bap Project : Graffiti's Joint
21. Interlude : Don't Get It Twisted
22. Slum Village : Get Yo Paper
23. The Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends) : The Clap
24. The Strange Fruit Project : All The Way
25. Diverse : Ain't Right
26. Vitamin D : No Good
27. Tajai (Souls Of Mischief) : The Dum Dum
28. EPMD : Look At You Now
29. DJ Vadim feat. Adad & DJ Woody : Headline News
30. Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) : Share This
31. DJ Graffiti : The Vibe Intro
32. D-Minor feat. louis logic : Could You Be
33. Cornbread : One Fly Gemini
34. Nick Nack : Mustard Seed
35. Science Fiction (aka Wala Oyejide) Sunshine
36. Dabrye : Magic Says
37. Phat Kat : Destiny
38. DJ Graffiti : Outro
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