La Bodega Volume Dos
label: dj mafioso
includes: binkis recs, phife dawg, vintage imperial, sluggy ranks, risingsons, collective efforts, mark skept, tariq l, others.
year of release: 2004
This mixtape is actually a double offering. On the two discs, there's twenty nine and twenty four entities. That's simply too much stuff to write a review about. Too much to even achieve to about half of the content. And it's - and that's even worse -too much to properly take in. The two are remotely separated in a straight up rap disc (Side A) and a more Latin/Puerto Rico disc. What the discs are made of might change in style, but not really in elements. Because we get more freestyles than you can wave your finger at.
Then again, maybe there's no separation of styles at all. Because Jah Mason starts with some twang singing. And Sluggy Ranks gives us a "Dub Plate Intro". But then things turn to Rubix and a "Freestyle" and the song "What's Krackin". This really gets things going and gets us into a quick Vintage Imperial section. With a "Freestyle" by Kid Kaos, a track off their album (read the review) "Out 2 Get You" and a Kid Kaos solo cut called "Spell It Wit A K" (their "You Don't Want No More" appears later). This then gets us to "Doin' Aight" by Collective Efforts, where they say "If you got a roof over your head, then you're doing alright". True. Oh so true.
After that, there's a bundle of freestyles lined up: Amdex, Clandestine, Mike Nice, Mark Spekt, Ness Lee and Melaphyre all attack the mic, before "The Origin" by Melaphyre is another 'proper' track. Now, things then really go back and forth between freestyles (people like Pgnut of Minanmina Goodsong, Wyz' from Psyche Origami, Greaskydz, Collective Effort step up), remixes (like a retreatment of Timbaland & Missy's "Cop Dat Shit" or of Binkis Recs. "That's What I'm Talking About") and - probably - exclusives (like Siete Nueve's "Jibaro Reales"), and things often sound good, like Ekundayo's - from Liuns Den Crew - "My Name Is Ekundayo".
On the second disc, as said, we get a lot of Caribbean flavor (is Puerto Rico even part of the Caribbean?). That shows in a "Cuba Drop", in a Sieta Nueve track, that's only identified as "I don't know the name of this joint but it's serious heat from Puerto Rico". Hence we get rhymes in Spanish, we however also got Binkis Recs. people flow in English over a horn section, as in the case of the Flux "Freestyle". Or Jax rhymes over a hard and drum driven beat for his "Freestyle". Jax then sticks around for the song "For Da Cream" by Rasta Roots and featuring him. This cut is actually rather nice, and hence a standout cut. Not to be lazy, he's also ripping over "Jaxexperience", and the smooth beat might even be better.
It's not just a Binkis deal though, as there's also Oz & Small Prophet and their "Freestyles". There's more from the Risingsons or from A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg, who also does a "Freestyle" about the pleasures of 'burnaspliffbydasecond' as the tracklisting exposes. And finally we want to mention Coca-Ina and her "Freestyle" as she rides this smooth 'can't-remember-right-now-what-it-was (but it was some Jay-Z cut with Mary on the hook)' beat nicely as well as JusBlak who comes strong on his "Firestarters Crew Freestyle". Mixed in with all these freestyles are the proper songs, like Bambu De Asiatic and his "Da Mountain", or the conscious "Livin' Ain't Easy" by Ina.
How can you make your mixtape timeless? A mixtape too often has a half-life of a couple of weeks. So to lengthen the time of relevance, you might want to throw on tracks that are exclusive, and are not coming out anywhere else; may the tracks be songs or freestyles. Doing that however, takes a lot of the 'mix' out of the 'mixtape' and make it more of a compilation. Well, whatever this "La Bodega" may be, with that much music on here that you're never going to hear anywhere else, it's fair to say, that revisiting it in a couple of years will be worth it. Still overbearing though, as there's simply too much stuff on here.
review: tadah
Side A
1. Jah Mason "Dubplate Special"
2. Sluggy Ranks "Dub Plate Intro"
3. Rubix "Freestyle"
4. Rubix "What's Krackin"
5. Kid Kaos "Freestyle"
6. Vintage Imperial "Out 2 Get You"
7. Kid Kaos "Spell It Wit A K"
8. Collective Efforts "Doin Aight"
9. Amdex and Clandestine (Vinyl Junkies Crew)
"Freestyle (Amdex On Da Beat)"
10. Mike Nice (Broady Champs Crew) "Freestyle
Needledrop Production"
11. Mark Spekt (Broady Champs Crew) "Freestyle
Needledrop Production"
12. Ness Lee (The Real Ness) "Freestyle"
13. Melaphyre (100Dawgs Crew) "Freestyle
14. Melaphyre "The Origin"
15. Tariq L feat. Wildseed and Sons of Light "Beaming"
16. Collective Efforts "Real Freestyle"
17. Vintage Imperial "You Dont Want No More (Mafioso Remix Stylee)"
18. Sean Paul "Any Time"
19. Timbaland & Missy "Cop Dat Shit (Maf-Remix)"
20. Binkis Recs "That's What I'm Talkin About (Maf-Remix)"
21. Ekundayo (Liuns Den Crew) "My Name Is Ekundayo (Prideland Productions)"
22. Pnut of Minanmina Goodsong Freestyle
23. Minamina and Dres the Beatnik "Sloppy Up"
24. Dres the Beatnik 4kings Freestyle
25. Wyz of "Psyche Origami real Freestyle
26. Greaskydz real Freetyle
27. Siete Nueve (79 outa PR) "Jibaro Reales"
28. J-Rawls and Binkis Drop
29. Afro & Bambu - "La Bodega Anthem" Needledrop Poduction
Side B

1. Intro - Geraldo 7-9 Beat - Maf Skratch Intro

2. Cuba Drop / Trip of Risingsons "Freestyle (MafiosoCoolCornerBeat Needledrop Productions)"
3. EClassic of Risingsons "Freestyle (BassTearsBeat
Needledrop Production)"
4. Oz & Small Prophet "Freestyles (Arrepasbeat
Needledrop Productions)
5. Jax of Binkis Recs "Freestyle (HornsOfFreedomBeat Needledrop Productions)"
6. Flux Of Binkis Recs "Freestyle (HornsofDeathBeat
Needledrop Prouctions)"
7. DJ Rasta Roots Drop / Rasta Roots feat. Jax "For Da Cream (SmokinNeedles)"
8. Dj Kool Akiem feat. Jax "Jaxexperience"
9. El Proheta from PR "Desde Puerto Rico A Atlanta (From PR To ATL) (Runninmafbeat Needledrop Production)"
10. Bambu de Asiatic "Da Mountain (Mafindamountains
Beat Needledrop Productions)"
11. Collective Efforts "What Ya Doin It For?"
12. Ekundayo "Freestyle (Slipnsalsaindasisco Beat Needledrop Productions)"
13. Phife Dawg (ATCQ) "Freestyle (Burnaspliffbydasecond Beat Needeldrop Productions)"
14. Coca-Ina "Freestyle"
15. Siete Nueve (PR)" I Don't Know The Name Of This Joint But It's Serious Heat From Puerto Rico"
16. Hector "Freestyle"
17. Ozlo "Puerto Rican Rum"
18. Issues, TeaBag, Dres The Beatnik "Stop Bitin"
19. Ina "Livin Ain't Easy"
20. BoogoolooBreak
21. JusBlak (Firestarters Crew) "Freestyle"
22. McPlatano "Everything End With An O (Needledrop Productions)"
23. JusBlak - "Lil Girl (Needledrop Producions)"
24. Outro Shouts ... 'Til Next Time...
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