Wake Up Show Mix Archives Vol. 3 & 4
label: nocturne
includes: 50 cent, nas, xzibit, talib kweli, redman, lauryn hill, krs-one, akrobatik, defari, ghostface, de la soul, snoop dogg, method man, outkast, gang starr, pharoahe monch, others.
year of release: 2004
Panic. You got like this gig thingy and the DJ just called in sick. And all the other DJs hate your promoter arse, because you pay lousy. What to do? Well, even though we hate to give shady promoters some advice, they still don't need to fret. Nope, forget the panic and call DJ Revolution to the rescue.
Because if your DJ is sick, or if in general you're in need of some good continuing music, Rev's got the mixtape for you. Then again mix-double-CD. And note: mix. Not like those wussy thrown together semi-compilation somethings that are called mixtapes in these weird times. Nope, this DJ mixes. And he does that extremely well.
So good that on the two CDs he goes through more than 80 or so records. Because this record is thick, obese with blends (oh, dope blends even), scratches (yes, Revolution is good at those too), tidbits here and there, and so the number of records that he swallowed and shat leaves quite a pile.
Okay, that was just a rather disgusting image.
But nevertheless, on CD one we go through segments, where the blend reigns supreme. Be it that 50 Cent's "Wanksta" is relieved off of it's love or hate beat, or be it that KRS-one suddenly raps his "Hip Hop vs. Rap" lyrics over something Busta Rhymes. At the same time we get cuts like "Show Up" by Motion Man, "Come Clean" by Jeru The Damaja, "Ghetto Music" by Phaorahe Monch, "Charcoal" by Planet Asia (what a treat), a Revs Mix of Redman's "Ride", Dr. Dre's "Still Dre", little Revolution entities like "Transmittin' Live", "Revolution's Back" or "Super DJ" and everything ends with "Future Flavas" by Soul Supreme feat. AG.
But selection is one thing. Execution another. Hey, it's DJ Revolution. And DJ Revolution showed before that he's good at doing these things. So on "The Wake-Up Show Hip Hop Classics", on "Wake Up Show Mix Archives Vol. 1 & 2" and heck, on the Wake Up Show. But speaking of that Volume 1 and 2: they are available too. Also on a nice little Nocturne release.
But let's first talk about Volume 4. Here the blend idea is a little switched, as Revolution enjoys to put original songs first, to then move into the rap version. That he does on "Guess Who's Back" by Rakim, on "Guilty Conscience" by Eminem and on "Get Down" by Nas. Which is also the span from the first to the last track. In between we get fewer songs than on Volume 3, but an equal amount of turntable trickery (like the opening scratches on Keith Murray's "Yeah U Know It") and favorites like "MIA" by Missin' Link, "Uh Huh" by Method Man, "California" by Sly Boogie, a Revs Mix of "Cherchez Le Ghost" by Ghostface, of "Flipside" by Freeway, as well as the dope "Untitled" by the Jigmastas.
You're tempted to force feed this double disc to every young buck who doesn't know what a mixtape is supposed to be. As it's a blueprint: excellent turntable tricks and an excellent, heck wide varied, selection. This is what it's supposed to be like.
review: tadah
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