A Sound Exposure Vol. 1
label: equinox
includes: arcsin, dj scientist, mnemotrauma, aqua luminus III, danny decock, emynd, echelon.
year of release: 2004
- Positron Affirmation (Intro)
2. aRCSIN : PMW Depth
3. Danny Decock : G.k.S.
4. Emynd : Positive Reinforcement
5. Echelon : Twilight Zone (Extended Version)
6. Mnemotrauma : Waiting For The Sun
7. DJ Scientists : Raincoatman
8. Aqua Luminus III : OPWüste
9. aRCSIN : A Moment Of Clarity (Skit)
10. aRCSIN : Poplock Axefists
11. Mnemotrauma : Aqua Centauri
12. Danny Decock : We Will Come Back
- Tiger Bop (Outro)
So what now, rap or not rap? Is something rap, if it is built on the foundation of rap and if it wouldn't be if there never was rap? That enough? Probably not.
What means that all you genre nerds can try to crack this puzzle. A puzzle that includes a lot of rap (but no rapping), a lot of so called down-beat, some Heads, some trip hop, some trance, some drum-n-bass and anything in between. The people on this record do not cater to a genre, but they cater to good music. Because that's what it evidentially is: good music. Or heck, great music.
Mnemotrauma found one of those dope samples that every producer must hope to find. He used it for the melancholic "Waiting For The Sun". The chorus really blows things out of the water, and the rest of the song struggles to reach this height. But just like that dude who sang the title song of the "Donny Darko" movie, this guy here is whining in the most beautiful way. This song however is not where the quality stops. aRCSIN offers two songs, one skit, as well as the "Positron Affirmation (Intro)" and "Tiger Bop (Outro)". The "Intro" offers the suggestion to listen to this in the morning, not - for a change - the stereotypical night. What is an interesting choice, because - as always - this aRCSIN offering is dark and somewhat maniacal. So again on "A Moment Of Clarity (Skit)" and in all its dangerous calmness also on "Tiger Bop (Outro)". "Poplock Axefists" is an incredible song, while "PWM Depth" is another good song. The way the drum comes in on "Poplock Axefists", you wonder what hit you, cause it can hardly be from this earth.
Now, the mentioned Trance is at the beginning of Echelon's "Twilight Zone (Extended Version)". While the track later turns into an almost Drum-N-Bass song, the beginning features circling electronic sounds that properly fit the trance description. This is the only really quick song, even though there's another hectic and loud one in "OPWüste" by 88:Komaflash's Aqua Luminus III. The drums are breaking quick and the whole song gives a certain sense of urgency. Moving on with the out-there music influences, on Emynd's "Positive Reinforcement" we can even find an odor of Eighties music.
What is both in contrast to the several slower songs. And if looking for a way to compare the songs, then you'd find the comparison in early Mo Wax music, what back then some people called Heads. If anything, a "We Will Come Back" and "G.k.S.", both by Danny Decock, really fit into the continent of that music universe globe. While "G.k.S." is actually another standout track, with the melancholic melody. Which is kept very empty and beautiful. DJ Scientists - the man behind the compilation - also offers one track: "Raincoatman". And here we can go full circle again, because the track is as much like the first rays of light in the morning, as well as the peace of the setting sun.
You probably don't know anyone on this compilation. But that's a good thing. At least for the time being. If in a years time, people still don't know these people, then there's something wrong with the world. Because if you do know these artists, you know that they are exceptional talents.
Additional Info

The "Welcome To The Neo Golden Age" preview 12" is now available on clear vinyl. It features 4 tracks of the compilation plus some DJ bonus beats. Tracks include aRCSIN “Positron Affirmation”, Emynd “Positive Reinforcement”, Danny Decock “G.k.S.” and Aqua Luminus III “OPWüste”. The whole compilation is also available as a full length CD in a simple promotional sleeve. Please check Equinox` homepage for further information, more soundfiles and pictures: www.equinoxrecords.com

review: tadah
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