Black Monday - Ninja Tune Remixes
label: ninja tune
includes: diplo, amon tobin, blockhead, lotek hi-fi
year of release: 2004
1. Diplo "Mitch Theme Remix"
2. Amon Tobin "Black Monday Theme Remix"
3. Lotek Hi-Fi "2 Sides (Russian Theme Remix No. 2)"
4. Blockhead "Shoreditch Theme Remix"
5. Amon Tobin "Flash Forward (End Theme Remix)"
6. Lotek Hi-Fi "Russian Theme Remix"
Oh, Ninja Tune like their remix game. After the excellent "Zen RMX" project, after all those other project that featured remixes, we now get "The Getaway: Black Monday - Ninja Tune Remixes". I'm sure there's people better suited to tell you all that jazz about the video game "The Getaway", how all these remixes came about and what the songs initially were, blah blah blah. But we don't care about that. We wanna know if the music is banging. Oh and banging it is.
Everybody's next week favorite darling Diplo opens up the party with "Mitch Theme Remix". Yes, we need to know the original to compare this song to the original. But we don't need to know anything else but this song to say if it's good or not. Now, if the term wouldn't be loaded, you could say these are some block rockin' beats. There's definitely some loud sounds in here, and the only thing that prevents this from tearing down the house is its rather relaxed tempo; it's quicker than the default lap record, but still quite away from a thorough pedal to the metal. What can also be said about Amon Tobin's "Black Monday Theme Remix". It has all the ingredients of a good Amon Tobin song though. And we all know that a bad Amon song is a really good song in the not-Tobin world. So a good song is basically your highschool sweetheart saying yes to you proposing to her. The song gets more complex and more dense within time, and the noise factor picks up, running down many road blocks in the process.
Lotek Hi-Fi speak. They actually rhyme on "2 Sides (Russian Theme Remix No. 2)". What is not really necessary. Even though the beat is very simple and thus allows rappin' artistry. The lyrics are probably attending to recreate a vibe of the game or describe such. So while this is kinda good and in style of that traditional UK rap that sounds perfect in the UK and a little hard to get into anywhere else, our wheels get enough grip on the tarmac for us to take the next bend high speed and listen to what Blockhead has to offer. His song is called "Shoreditch Theme Remix" and he has a two part drum opening the song. That of course was a computer copy paste job, but it's behind many little structural tidbits that hover all over the start and also over the remaining of the song, where one drum offers the backbone. This of course sounds rather simple to an Amon Tobin program, but Blockhead knows that too much stuff might only hurt the aerodynamics and so keeps the lines of his vehicle nicely slick.
Amon returns for "Flash Forward (End Theme Remix)" where sounds shatter and the rhythm stays hidden for quite a long time. You're also waiting for this thing to finally start and by the time the song is actually over, you are still waiting. So well intertwined with emptiness are all these many sounds that you don't even realize that nothing more is coming and that all there is, is actually plenty and surely enough. He is not the only one doing two songs. Lotek Hi-Fi return with more talking, plot talking though, not plot rapping on "Russian Theme Remix". Taking a hint from the other four songs on here, they keep things within the waters of beats that can do without rapping, giving us a rather typical hip hop-ish offering. What's not to say that it is necessarily bad, but the chassis is just kinda within the norms of your any ole car.
This record will actually come out as three highly limited 12"es. So be happy if you find this. First because there's many people that will get all sad because they don't and second because this music will make you happy. Like sniffing that new smell in your very first car. Now, don't drink and drive, obey the speed limit and leave all breaking of laws to the pros or those people you control in the video game. Okay?
review: tadah
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