includes: billy woods, thaione davis, pugslee atomz, vordul, frontline, proximity mines, malene younglao, others.
year of release: 2003
1. Malene Younglao : Intro / So Good Pt. 1
2. Kill Gatez Jr., Billy Woods : Vacationland
3. Thaione Davis, Pugslee Atomz : Trane Of Thought
4. Kill Gatez Jr. : Disjointed
5. Locksmith (Frontline) : KMEL Battle (Made You Shook)
6. Billy Woods, Stretch Nyce : Sunday Morning
7. Proximity Mines : Sound Smuggling
8. Stretch Nyce (Rec Circle) : Live At Lions Den (When Worlds Collide)
9. Kill Gatez Jr. : Perfect TOne
10. Billy Woods, Vordul Mega (CanOx) : American Dreams
11. Malene Younglao : Face The Music
12. Frontline : Recognize The Bay
13. Billy Woods aka W. Bodega : Pre-Emptive Strike / Gadgetz
14. Nemesis : Nemesis Sounds
15. Billy Woods : Postcolonialism
16. Proximity Mines : DASE 1
17. Frontline & Balance : Love Me
18. Billy Woods, Kill Gatez Jr. : OJ Love
19. Kast One (Rec Circle) : I Keep Rapping...
20. Kill Gatez Jr. : Zap
21. Proximity Mines : Evil Brain
22. Billy Woods, Stretch Nyce : Freestyle (Pickup-Trux)
23. Billy Woods : How U Living?
24. Billy Woods : The Growroom
25. Malene Younglao : So Good Pt. 2
26. Billy Woods : Times Have Changed
You want to start to listen to this record with "KMEL Battle (Made You Shook)" by Frontline's Locksmith ( not to confuse with the Chicago Frontline crew). The ferocity, the hunger, the force 'smith rhymes over Nas' beat is just immaculate and incredible. Lock's whole verse is a quotable from the first word to the last, and with this perfect beat behind him, this is of the best that ever rammed its way through our speakers. Hence you can't imagine a fair world where a rhyme like this doesn't win. Well, unless the other person is fed his verses straight from a higher power.
This cut comes in as track 5 on this Backwoodz Studioz mixtape. And we love mixtapes. This one right here however is a little all over the place. As said, you get that radio piece, you get original songs, you get guys rhyming over other guys' beats, etc. etc. The usual. All done by up and coming artists.
Like Frontline, this Bay Area twosome. They reappear on two more songs, one's "Recognize The Bay", which lyrically does a lot of that, over a Ozzy sampling background. And as excited we were about Locksmith's verse on the other song, here we find out how much he's in need of the proper beat too. I mean, can anyone say Canibus? Cause Lock' really got the same battle qualities, and judging from this beat, the same shitty beat taste. On "Love Me" we at least get some of the deep punchline lyricism, while the Eminem beat is much too slow. Nevertheless, even if those two other songs prove that Frontline needs to get with the right producers, that name is one to look out for.
Along with this Bay Area duo, there's many more artists; some straight from the Backwoodz camp. Like there's several Billy Woods songs on here and a couple of Kill Gatez Jr. cuts. One of the more interesting ones is "Vacationland", where the two join forces to talk about a life freed from all the stress and strive. A strive that's always present in Gatez' voice, so again on his "Perfect Tone", where he speaks on such, with such in his voice. That's thematically followed by the previously heard "American Dreams" by Billy and Vordul of CanOx, as well as later on by "Postcolonialism" by Billy. And later, Billy gets to do his poetic type of wordplay on "How U Living?"
On "Disjointed" Kill Gatez takes on a background beat that never really was conceived to be rhymed over. Nevertheless, he does it remarkably well (even though not flawlessly). There's even more songs where the selection of background beats is quite interesting. So again on "Live At The Lions Den (When Worlds Collide)", where Stretch Nyce of Rec Circle takes on something that desperately wants to break out into a jungleist style. And while that combination worked, the heavy metal of "Face The Music" by Malene Younglao is really bad. Thus you're too turned off to really stay around for the conclusion of this story. Billy then takes on a French group's music on "The Growroom". And again, their song stays unchanged, while he tries to put his light it up smoke it up verses over music that was never meant to be covered with words. It kinda works though as the elements don't merge, but at least mash.
Outside from the camp, Thaione Davis and Pugslee Atoms do "Trane Of Thought" and Kast One sounds like another rapper on "I Keep Rapping...". But he still sounds good. Further there's however also the skippable entities, like the female effort "Nemesis Sounds" by Nemesis, who struggles with horrible keyboard sounds. Her presence behind the mic is much better than the actual outcome of the song. "Sunday Morning" by Billy and Stretch Nyce is just too much 'work in progress', Proximity Mines come too much like any other 'abstract' / leftside group on "Sound Smuggling". They sound better on "DASE 1" and sound really good (not just because of the dope beat) on "Evil Brain".
If anything, this introduces us to some people we've never heard of before. If anything, it gives us some interesting combinations of beats and lyrics. If anything it gives us a couple of really dope spontaneous tracks. If anything… dunno what else. I'm off listening to that Locksmith cut again.
review: tadah
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