Bare Skin / Aberfoyle Springs Vol. 2
includes: celph titled, atoms family, lexicon, prophetix, lodeck, sixtoo, c-rayz walz, 7l & esoteric, braille, storm the unpredictable, others.
year of release: 2004
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You gotta give props. Cause whenever they do a compilation, it contains a bundle of big artists and many of their best songs. So it's kinda like they can just pick whatever they liked off those guys discographies. And the artists are all game. That however also means that their releases are basically a collection of random songs by random artists. The common denominator might be quality, but that's just about it. It's a public pause tape at best, a without-method-to-the-madness collection at worst.
At the same time, they also make you believe that you can still sell compilations, something the industry didn't really believe in for quite some time. But step up with two compilations at the same time: "Aberfoyle Springs Vol. 2" and "Bare Skin". That could also be Volume 3, though. Because, as said, there's no obvious concept behind these releases.
Nevertheless, there's good stuff on these compilations. So let's start with "Aberfoyle Springs Vol. 2 - Well Flavoured Essentials". We open with a very bad selection off of Jon Doe's "Meet Jon Doe" album. Heck any other song would have been better than "Hot Night". But the name Scienz Of Life was probably too tempting. Speaking of Jon Doe, he also produced "Gravitatin'" which was actually one of the best songs on the Prophetix album. It's however also two years old, whilst still very good. As is "Bump This" by Anonymous Twist, with a very interesting recurring voice sample. Lexicon give us "Dark Holiday", Storm The Unpredictable has T*E*C*K remix his smash "Get Your Weight Up (Big Girl Anthem)", the Atoms Family gives the never heard before "Famous Names For $200", even though this was certainly release somewhere else before too.
Showing that is from Canada, they selected some songs from up there too, like the City Planners "Uh Huh", the really good "You Don't Wanna Believe" by Jeff Spec, the track "Death Match" by Sixtoo or the song "Mediocre Man" by The Goods. They are paired with more south of the border artists like Sev Statik and his "Wasted Tears", the energetic and Opus produced "Spiral Of Silence" by Lord 360, Chapter & Drub, as well as the still underappreciated LoDeck and his "Tourists On Mars". Not all songs are really good, but most are actually above average.
As said "Bare Skin" does more of the same. And looking at the list of artists, many return for this offering: Jon Doe, LoDeck, Anonymous Twist, Prophetix, Storm The Unpredictable and Jeff Spec. But again, the people compiling this record seem to have been able to pick whatever they wanted. So we got a much better Jon Doe song here with "These Bills" featuring C-Rayz Walz (actually one of the best songs on the album) and another stinker off "Meet Jon Doe": "Title Track" with 7L & Esoteric. So basically the two stinkers were picked, what's rather unfortunate, because that Jon Doe album is actually really good (read the review).
But the fact that they pick two songs by one artists is a serious 'compilation no no'. Cause you don't do that. One song by each artists. Not more.
They do it again with Storm, who has "Contradictions" and "Stop Lyin'" on here. Sure, both songs are nice (and were on his album, read the review), but still. Now other highlights include "Guerilla Orchestra" by Tino Vega, because it features Celph Titled and Apathy, "Feed Me Grapes" by LoDeck, "Local Earth" by Angle, "It's A Shame" by Prophetix and "Wreckless" by Pip Skid.
Now, of course not all songs can be good on here. Then again why not? Many, many songs are good on here, and in many ways, these two compilations could be something you give your die hard mainstream rap fan, just to show him that there's other music out there too. Compilations are really good to get to know artists that you've never heard of before. You'd check the songs on here, and if you'd like 'em, you'd go and dig deep to listen to the whole discography. If that's's intention, then they did a good service. Especially with giving us some forgotten or not yet very prominent gems, along with the odd and ordinary.
review: tadah
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