Hip House
includes: twin hype, jungle brothers, big daddy kane, mr. fingers, de la soul, epmd, todd terry, mc lyte, tyree, adonis, jackmaster, others.
year of release: 2003
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Do you know what Hip House was? I know, this question sounds really arrogant. But truth is, some of you readers are just too young to know.
So if you own the Jungle Brothers album "Straight Out The Jungle" (and you better do), listen, and point out the song that just doesn't really seems to fit. If you pick "I'll House You", then you can go and ask your mom for a cookie, because yes, you're right. If not, hey, ask your mom for a much needed whoop ass. This song is Hip House, which was this little fashionable thing to do, way back in the late eighties and for just about the whole of two minutes. And many a people did it. The Jungle Brothers did it, and many more too.
Including the most unlikely artists. Who? How about Big Daddy Kane, Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob, Craig G, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and yes, even Special Ed. So you get all of their tracks. Hence the mixtape concentrates on the rappers that did Hip House and not the House DJs that tried to do the same thing (and there are many that did that). At the same time however, DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker combine old House songs with current rapping and singing. Be it "Milkshake" by Kelis blended over "Set It Off" by Strafe, OutKast's "Rosa Parks" blended over KW Griffin's "Keep Bouncing", Todd Terry's "Bango" blend with the Five Deez "Funky", Missy Elliot's crash with Black Dog, Ghostface's new adaptation of "Walking", here mashed with The Rhythm Masters' "Hip House Break" or just Joe Budden and his "Fired Up" and "Fire". Plus there's the special versions of De La Soul's "Saturdays (David Morales 6 AM Mix)" and EPMD's "I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Jazzy Remix)".
And just like everything from the eighties, people laughed about it, as soon as it wasn't trendy anymore. But then, after a couple of years, people make it cool again. So Hip House probably enjoys the admiration of many elderlies again. What it deserves though, as quite frankly, there were quite a few really good Hip House songs. Despite what everyone says/said. With the best argument in favor of Hip House, being the pure bred classic "Do It To The Crowd" by Twin Hype. The bass rumbles, the song is strangely uptempo and the total of the beat is kinda House ish. But, and this is important, it's House in the sense of the original House. The Chicago/Detroit breed of House, and not the current kind of House, or what those suckers in Ibiza turned it into. And actually, for more of that Chicago House sound, skip to Mr. Fingers "Can You Feel It". Which is a great classic, a great song, and it takes us right into "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson. And if you wonder what the hell 'to jack' is supposed to mean: well, that's early House slang for 'to dance'. As in the anthem "Jack Your Body" by Steve Hurley.
Of course, and please allow me to get a little personal, I'm biased. All this music came out when I first started to get into rap. And to tell you the truth, one of the first rap tapes I bought, was one with House and Rap (although little Hip House). Rap for a big part was considered a dance music here and then, and was as such put on the same shelves as well as compilations. So it was nothing special to listen to House and Rap. Or listen to Hip House for that matter. That's why I love this mixtape, from the deepest and most cozy memory lane of my heart.
review: tadah
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