Redneck Games
includes: beastie boys, dilated peoples, linkin' park, planet asia, blackalicious, pmd, motion man, kool keith, others.
year of release: 2004
1. The Bavarian Samaritan "Intro"
2. Beastie Boys " Body Movin' Remix"
3. Dilated Peoples "Work The Angles"
4. Mos Def & Diverse "Wildin' Out Remix"
5. Mike Calling To Say Hi Skit
6. Linkin Park "In The End Remix"
7. Del & Mr. Lif "360° Remix"
8. Planet Asia "Golden Age"
9. Titan feat. Motion Man "1, 2, 3, 4 Remix"
10. Jason D Skit
11. Rasco "Ready 2 Rock with Us"
12. Blackalicious "Redemption Remix"
13. Grand Agent "Every Five Minutes"
14. Message From DJ Easy P Skit
15. PMD "Straight From The Heart"
16. 7L & Esoteric "Rest In Peace"
17. Planet Asia & 427 "Bringin' It Back Remix"
18. Morning's With Mary Mack Skit
19. Motion Man "Show Up For Practice"
20. Resorte "Brota Remix"
21. Kool Keith "I Don't Believe U Remix"
bonus track
22. Groovy D interviews The Funky Redneck
Nowadays it's simple: if the people are not willing to honor you with a best of album, you do it yourself, call it a mixcd and get stinkin' rich in the process. That's kinda like the modus operandi of a thousand and more releases of late. The only real difference is of how beefy you wanna make your collection, i.e. is it going to be a slim case something or a full fledged jewel case 'I had someone else print out the sleeve' release. This right here is one of the latter ones, what does not make it anything more than a 'look, this is what I've done in the past' release.
But what's wrong with that? Not much to nothing really. Especially if you're unlikely to already own everything that's on a release like this one here. The selection goes from the kinda expected to… heck, nothing on here is really that expected. Because either the songs are odd remixes, artists you forgot about or stuff you've never heard of before. So if anything "Work The Angles" by Dilated Peoples is expected. That is if you're aware that it was Kurt that produced this - I guess it's fair to say - underground classic. But apart from that, hmm… nothing really. Because who remembers that Kurt did the mini hit "Every Five Minutes" by Grand Agent? Or how many die hard rap fans have ever heard the guitar slinging "Brota Remix" by Resorts? Heck even when Kurt teams up with the obvious partners Kool Keith and Motion Man, we get a not necessarily known "I Don't Believe U Remix" and a 'it's probably on the album' song "Show Up For Practice" by Motion.
Now apart from these, we actually get some previously heard - if you got your ears open wide enough - songs like the best cut on PMD's last album "Straight From The Heart" or the Blackalicious "Redemption Remix", which is actually "Deception Part 3" and came out on the "Deception" 12" that also features a great El-P part 2. Further on the remix tip, there's Linkin Park's "In The End Remix" which was on their reanimation project. Equally top shot is the Beastie Boys "Body Movin' Remix" and when Mike from Linkin Park asks on the "Mike Calling To Say Hi Skit" why Kurt is just so damn dope, the more pertinent question is: how come Kurt is so dope, gets to do these high profile projects, and he's still not blinging at award shows he does not want to go to?
Huh? Answer that. But anyway, there's more remixes: Mos Def & Diverse's Indian flavored "Wildin' Out Remix", Planet Asia & 427 (whatever happened to this dude?) "Bringin' It Back Remix", the used to be a Push Button Objects song "360°", here credited to Del & Mr. Lif and the really dope Titan feat. Motion Man "1, 2, 3, 4 Remix". Along with the original songs "Rest In Peace" by 7L & Esoteric and Planet Asia's "Golden Age". And while Kurt used to have a rather distinct flavor, by now you can say that he's all over the place stylistically, and he's able to do many styles many good.
So heck, you get a well picked good selection of songs by a very good producer, need more? And what's further appreciated about this: the tracks are in their full glory, they are not cut off, mixed or any of that other nonsense. What then all adds up to this record being a sever pleasure to listen to and a necessary addition to your collection.
review: tadah
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