label: low life

compilation includes: braintax, rodney p, harry love, jehst, chester p, task force, others.

year of release: 2003
Rap is worldwide. Nevertheless, English is still the native tongue of this art. What makes England to be the country that's about to blow up, uhm, yesterday? But it didn't. England puts out all these incredible records and no one gives a flying fart. What the fish and chips? Aight, let's remember what DJ Vadim said (and I'm paraphrasing here): How can the rap from England blow up, if some local hip hop can have problems to even get out the bedroom of the cat that recorded it? Who's going to hug abroad hip hop before he's hugging the best of the local scene?
Well, chances are there. We go out for Chinese more often, than, let's say we go out for some Swiss cuisine. Not because Swiss cuisine sucks, but we have had that. With England now offering English cuisine, well, you see the trouble. While the food is not as bad as everyone makes it seem to be (Yorkshire Pudding is gourmet material), prejudices prevail. And now get your head around this: UK hip hop is known to be good. Nevertheless, it struggles even in its own country. Even more so around here, where getting a UK release can be a pain in your buttockal area.

1. Rodney P / Farma G / Mystro / Braintax "You Know Who You Are"
2. Mystro "My Type Of Party"
3. Verb T & Harry Love "Showbitchness"
4. Jehst "Adventures In New Bohemia"
5. Mikey D.O.N. & Live 1 "Tell Them!"
6. Ricochet "Mad Runningz"
7. Chester P "The Wiccaman Theory"
8. The Iguana Man "Next Level Response"
9. Rodney P "Run That"
10. Farma G "Between The Lines"
11. Braintax "Gulliver"
12. Jehst, Asaviour & Usmaan "City Sickness"
13. Taks Force & Braintax "Rockstarz"
14. Yungun "What Eye See"
What gets us all to the "Low Life's Main Courses: Food" (and also hungry). A collection, compilation, collaboration, conceptualization of everything Low Life stands for. And for those that don't know what that is, then in short: the best UK rap you're likely to get (besides all the other great UK material that's out there). And the list of artists on the fourteen tracks of this compilation is illustrious, and a list of names you should add to your rap repertoire: Braintax, Rodney P, Harry Love, Jehst, Chester P, Task Force. Rings familiar like the second week of tinitus? Nope? Well, that's exactly what compilations (despite them being more loathed than hairy armed females) are good for: introducing you to folks. Many, many people.
And we shall introduce you to a couple of the best tasting servings here. With the number one spot being hogged by the geezer Jehst and his fabulous, wacky and erratic "Adventures In New Bohemia". You should hear that female when she gets completely to the high notes. Lock away your stolen pint glasses, mate. Speaking of the good drink, Jehst hails student life and everyone with higher learning will relate. And as we are smart folks around here, it'll be everyone. So add this to your best of 2003 list today. Moving on, there's "My Type Of Party", a smooth little ditty, that gets us moving without wrecking any muscles. This part is bobbing and Mystro is just laying out the perfect gathering to boogie, drink, chat and be happy. Man, invite me to the next one.
Not everything is as straight forward and 'hi hi' as that. Nope, on "Tell Them!" there's some remote double timing, over a as jiggy as they can still be happy with beat. The words by Mikey D.O.N. and Live 1 then also turn to the braggadocios, and the lowriders bounce. With the whole style of this being repeated on "Rockstarz" by the mighty Task Force and Braintax. More representing is on "Next Level Response" by The Iguana Man, while Rodney P does that UK style on the Braintax produced "Run That", that waxfactor says can only be understood by UK people. Although this compilation features only little of those Caribbean riddims, instead there's a rough "City Sickness" by Jehst, Asaviour and Usmaan that shows that not everything is daisies and carrots on the island.
So there you have it. No conservatives, no preservatives, no e-numbers. The cooks outdid themselves. It's time for you to get yourself hip to the UK kitchen. Get UK some sales, damn it. Especially if it's the right stuff you purchase. And there's nothing wrong about Low Life and this compilation.
review: tadah
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