Volume 1
label: brainkave
includes: abstract rude, canibus, craig g, sean price, supastition, icon the mic king, sankofa, unauthordox, others.
year of release: 2003
1. Screwhead Intro
2. Jezuz : Messiah Carey
3. unAuthordox : Listen Up
4. Sean Price : Nova Toast
5. Noah23 : Nova Toast
6. Ayentee : Genna
7. Fice : Game Face
8. Supasition : Right Here
9. Reversed Psychology : The Critic
10. Abstract Rude : All Day
11. Canibus : Get Retarded '03 (The Moth Remix)
12. Broken Klutch feat. Str8-A, Strategist : Murked Out
13. SliceOne : Enter My World
14. iCON The Mic King feat. Kwote : Stomp The Shit Out You
15. Sycorax : Burn Bush
16. Neanderthal Youth : Electric UpRock
17. Muneshine : I Wanna Know
18. Can-U : Get The Fuck Out
19. unAuthordox : Bright Lights
20. Sankofa : PsalmDrang
21. Craig G : Duct Tape And Tie You Down
22. Jon?Doe : Scurred
23. Alas : Down The Hill With
We here in Switzerland have this saying that goes: 'What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat.' Used for the world of compilations, this saying means: 'When there's no big names attached to it, people are not gonna pick it up.' But now consider this: unless you were born to Chinese and Indian parents, you at one point had Chinese and/or Indian food for the first time. You didn't know it, but you ate it. And now you love it. So…
unAuthordox puts together an excellent compilation, that in today's world is called 'mixtape', mainly because there's some freestyles and exclusives on here. There's however no mixing going on, and it's just 23 tracks that run one after the other. The 'just' is belittling the project though, because we get a lot of treats on here. And as said, they come from artists you quite likely don't know.
With a couple of exceptions though, and we shall start with them. Now, there's Abstract Rude's "All Day", a smooth song, with the expected smart lyrics. Right after that, there's Canibus' "Get Retarded '03", however in a reworked version by The Moth. This is quite a neck breaker and Canibus should give the man a call for his next album. Further down, there's Craig G, you know as in Juice Crew and writing the battle verses Eminem raps in "8 Mile". "Duct Tape And Tie You Up" is also going for the throat, suffering from a unnecessarily altered voice though. And finally, we should probably also name Sean Price here, and his "Ruck Freestyle".
The next level then takes us to artists that if you're a knowledgeable dude, you will be familiar with. So we get the excellent Supastition and his excellent "Right Here". He's one of the most promising and continuously interesting emcees in the game. And with him teaming up with Muneshine (who gets his own track with "I Wanna Know" later on) on this cut, this has to be another stop on his way to final and thorough breaking through and blowing up. Then there's also iCON The Mic King's "Stomp The Shit Out You" (over an M.O.P. beat) and Sankofa's good "PsalmDrang", as well as "Nova Toast" by Noah23 and Ayentee's "Genna". And the fact that we start to run through titles does not mean that they are not worthy to rest and listen to, but simply that there's more that we need to talk about.
Like the super unknown efforts, from people like Jezuz, who's doing "Messiah Carey". Also not to miss is the political "Burn Bush" by Sycorax and Komadose's Broken Klutch teaming up with Str8-A and Strategist on "Murked Out", or the two efforts by the one guy that gives you the whole record: unAuthordox. He does "Listen Up" and "Bright Lights", and they can hang with any of the other good songs on here. While not all are 'songs' in the most traditional of definitions. As stated, the Sean Price cut is a freestyle, iCON borrows a Moshed Out beat, and also a Fice, as well as a Can-U, both use other people's beats for their two tracks: "Game Face" and the cool "Get The Fuck Out", respectively.
What then only leaves us with mentioning the bad songs. But hey, let's not. Because the project as a whole is just dope. It not only gives us good music by people we already know, but introduces us to some new cats, who we will gladly check for in the future. And so, take a spoonful.
review: tadah
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