label: insomniac
includes: mf doom, immortal technique, kool keith, styles of beyond, 2mex, lexicon, rasco, planet asia, others.
year of release: 2003
1. Breez Evahflowin, L.I.F.E.Long, Beyond That, E-Dot, Loer Velocity "Mic Planet Session 101"
2. Mystic feat. DJ Revolution "Current Events"
3. Immortal Technique "The Rebel"
4. Poison Pen & Mecca "Raw Raps"
5. Bahamadia, Planet Asia, Rasco "Special Forces"
6. Erule "Here It Is"
7. MF Doom, Iz-Real feat. Kut Masta Kurt "Pop Quiz"
8. Styles Of Beyond "Atomic Zen"
9. Kool Keith, Iz-Real, Lork "Spectacular"
10. Thirstin Howl III & Rock Lo "Mic Planet Freestyle"
11. Cash Brown & Royce Da 5'9" "Double Homocide"
12. Lexicon & 4-Zone "Come Up"
13. 2mex & Mums The Word "Listen"
With the multitude of styles that rap has split up in, there's very few universally appreciated and acclaimed emcees anymore. The audience of this music is just too varied and separated, their disparate tastes make one like a rapper for the very same reason someone else despises him. At the same time, theoretically, a good emcee is a good emcee. There are still the traditional characteristics an emcee can be measured by. Theoretically, there still can be an universally beloved emcee.
It seems to be a strong desire to support these types of word smiths, as there's several projects seeing the light of day that want to push the good emcees, and with them the good lyrics. "The Mic Planet Session" is one of 'em, and it gathers a bundle of up and coming rappers that are superior in their trade and guiding lights for all the blind wannabes.
That's the concept that hovers behind this record. A record that intends to prove their point as well as exciting the audience with a mixture of previously heard and released songs, as well as exclusive material. And if you're not able to tell which song is which, that must mean that there's still new material for you on here.
With the compilation rounding up many of the emcees that are currently creating quite a ruckus. There's for example Immortal Technique and his "The Rebel". This cat is never politically neutral, and spits fierce anger that's pushed by a desperate need for change. The Raydogz beat is simple, but works on two musical levels, with a piano offering the backbone and a horn orchestra wave putting meat to the track. Further down the compilation appears "Pop Quiz", where the man of the hour MF Doom teams up with Iz-Real. Who? He's the man behind the Insomniac label and magazine, which is putting out this record. He's also rapping on another song with Kool Keith and Lork ("Spectacular"), what makes him the only 'never heard before' rapper on here. What is putting a dent in the concept (i.e. men of the moment), even though Iz got skills.
We then progress to maybe the best song on here: "Atomic Zen" by Styles Of Beyond. Over a careless and head bouncing rhythm, the two SOB's rhyme with seamless ease, creating a effortless tune (just like their label mates Lexicon and 4-Zone do with "Come Up"). Also good is the fierce "Double Homocide" by Cash Brown and Royce Da 5'9", which benefits a lot from the determined Matt Marcus and (under appreciated) Nick Wiz. And as old as "Listen" by The Mindclouders (2mex and Mums The Word) is, there probably are many cats out there that have not yet had the pleasure to, uhm, listen. So here you go… And finally, the Lo Lifes Thirstin Howl III and Rack Lo give new fire to an old beat with their "Mic Planet Freestyle".
While there truly is an abundance of good lyricism on here, the record does fall prey to a well known evil that too often comes with great rappers: they don't know how to pick the right beats. While nothing is bad, there's still something lackluster and kinda boring about a run of the mill beat like "Mic Planet Session 101". The tour the force track with Breez Evahflowin, L.I.F.E.Long, Beyond That, E-Dot and Loer Velocity was produced by J. Mob and he does not fail, but also not impress. And the same can be said about "Raw Raps", a Poison Pen & Mecca track. J.'s "Spectacular" however is good, but it obviously learned a lot from Kut Masta Kurt.
Yes, there are too many wack rappers out there. And that's why we support every and anything that's intending to change that situation. So we're happy to support this. At times little less happy or a little more happy, depending on what song is playing.
review: tadah
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