includes: Double K (PUTS), Dooley O, Raw Produce, Ge-ology, J.Rawls, Fat Jon, Grand Buffet, Sum Kid, Gametightelectro, Spencer Doran.

year of release: 2004
Sum Kid "MJQ Saturday"
Grand Buffet "Things That Go Hump In The Night"
Chris Lowe feat. Fort Knox "Let's Go"
Double K (PUTS) "Smoking A Blunt"
Dooley O "The Soaps"
Gametightelectro "Really Strong Drinks"
Spencer Doran "A Natural Fun Break"
Dooley O feat. Smoke "Burn' Em Up"
Raw Produce "Breathe Deep (Omid's L.A. Report)"
Ge-ology "Upshot Effect"
J. Rawls feat. Fat Jon "Black Brigade Of Cincinnati (Outcome)
12. Sum Kid "Ole Gnat Grinde"
  Raw Produce "Breathe Deep (Omid's L.A. Report)"
Considering the access Peter Agoston has to incredible artists, the releases he puts out on his label Female Fun, are not always beyond doubt. Heck, that's not to say that past releases haven't been great, artists like Raw Produce, DJ Spinna and Chris Lowe released their records on Female Fun after all. And with an upcoming Prince Paul instrumental album, we're bowing down in front of Peter in infinite gratitude. But still, there were a couple of skanks amongst the queens.
This Europe exclusive compilation gives a quick anthology like round up of what Female Fun has been doing and if you put on certain songs, like let's say Sum Kid's "MJQ Saturday", your head will nod in agreement (i.e. agreeing with the doubt) - even though a little bit with the beat too. However, once the voices are gone, you realize that the beat is actually pretty nice. And the very same can be said about the second track "Ole Gnat Grinde": give us instrumentals of this, please. Thoroughly better is the Grand Buffet offering "Things That Go Hump In The Night" - and the two have been known to record some 'oh well' tunes in their past. This here is an ironic rump shaker track though (and as such a thematic twin to "Ole Gnat Grind"), with the good kind of keyboard sounds and verses that do not intend to change the world, but rather just your mood.
Apart from these, there's the previously heard but none the less funky "Let's Go" by Chris Lowe and Fort Knox, the immaculate Omid remix of Raw Produce's "Breathe Deep", Double K of the People Under The Stairs claims to be "Smoking A Blunt" and even if we don't smoke, we want to hang around, just maybe getting a passive high. The second twin on here is that song and "Burn 'Em Up" by Dooley O (featuring the unnecessary Smoke). The song - minus the chanting - is nice though, but a little less funky than the super fresh get-your-arse-up girl "The Soaps".
Now recap all these songs and then add "Really Strong Drinks" by Gametightelectro and you'll realize that there's a certain theme to these songs here. Yip, the record is called "Natural Fun", and the songs on here are exactly promoting that. So does the "A Natural Fun Break" by Spencer Doran and even Ge-ology's extremely laid back but somewhat questionably mixed "Upshot Effect", while J.Rawls feat. Fat Jon's "Black Brigade Of Cincinnati (Outcome)" is even more musical and naturally much more appealing.
A record meant to promote 'fun', better be. And Peter Agoston did well in collecting these songs, offering a great introduction into the versatility his label does promote. It's good stuff. It's good fun too.
review: tadah
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