On The Run
year of release: 2003
Ras Kass, despite the now ironically titled "Won't Catch Me Runnin'" (off one of his early non album singles) was indeed on the run. The Man was behind him and eventually caught up with Ras, due to some traffic nonsense, and caught Ras. In the mean time, he wasn't silent, communicating with real time media outlets on why he runs, on why Priority Records is evil and on why the what. But with his capture, this mix CD, of the then and now and few if any tomorrow songs, give us material outside here, while Ras sings the jailhouse blues with the Inmate Choir.
Now Lt. Dan is a busy man, what doesn't make this mix CD a rushed effort. Nopes. The mixing is done well, and the selection is thorough. However, especially this thoroughness, and probably the Ras situation means, that the real fan has a whole lot of this already. And not even because he bought all the bootlegs on Ebay. Again: nopes. But cuts like the previously mentioned, like "Waterproof", "Soul On Ice Remix", "Action Guaranteed", "Three Card Molly", "Home Sweet Home", "London Live Freestyle", "Understandable Smooth" or the newest one "Golden Chyld" are all out there on vinyl. While however others are missing though, like "Jack Frost", "Back It Up", "Miami Life", "TV Guide", the immaculate "Come Widdit" or all songs where Ras was a featured guest.

1. On The Run Intro
2. Won't Catch Me Runnin'
3. Birdman Freestyle
4. Game Over
5. Heineken Freestyle
6. Waterproof
7. Thug Mentality
8. Wake Up Freestyle
9. Three Card Molly
10. Flipmode Freestyle
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Kiss Of Death
13. Action Guaranteed
14. Understandable Smooth
15. Soul On Ice Remix
16. Goldyn Child
17. Goldyn Child Remix
18. Hard Knock Freestyle
19. Verbal Murder
20. Where My Bitches At
21. Neptunes Freestyle
22. Oral Sex
23. One On One
24. Music Of Business
25. London Live Freestyle
What means that the exclusives and rares are often freestyles, that are numerous. But as the knowing knows: Ras is an incredible freestyler, so there's nothing to cause a fuss about. And here is also where Ras' input seems to be on the project. Because at the end of "Won't Catch Me Runnin'", there's an extra verse, that then leads into "Birdman Freestyle" with Ras doing the transition talking himself. Meaning, this sounds like he was in the studio right then and there. And for several other moments of freestyles: a "Heineken Freestyle", a "Flipmode Freestyle" (is that Saafir on here?), a "Neptunes Freestyle", that all keep the fan happy and the unsuspecting amazed. And Ras plays emcee to his DJ all the way through, who then also drops some rarers or less often heard tracks.
Like "Game Over", "Kiss Of Death", "Verbal Murder", "On And On" and "Oral Sex". With many of them also being out there and that for some time, without everyone having access to 'em though. But this makes sure that not only the longtime fans, but also the young buck that buys this because he heard about some Ras ruckus somewhere, can be entertained. The longtime one does not only not need to do a Ras compilation himself, he also gets things that he quite likely wouldn't have anyways. The young one's better get hip to the strong, very strong lyrical capabilities of the Van Gogh, the Dante, the your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, the one Ras Kass. So, well, whoever you are, cop this and holler at me when you know of a place that sells official "Free Ras Kass" t-shirts.
Aight, newsflash: Once this review hit the internet, new information reached us. Meaning that Ras actually turned himself in, just like he promised once the situation with Priorty is settled. So it was no traffic incidence, as was first reported. And the Free Ras Kass t-shirts are available at freeraskass.com. (thanks Jeff for the information)
review: tadah
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