mixed by DJ Craze
mix cd includes: obscure disorder, ill bill, dj serious, d-styles, troy dunnit, simahlak, theo3, goretex, others.
year of release: 2003
Audio Research is the brainchild of DJ A-Trak, former winner of everything, Dave One, Columbia scholar and Vice Magazine editor and Willo, fashion designer and used to be Rawkus art director. Coming straight from Montreal Canada, the label's release schedule takes quality, rather than quantity into consideration. And this right here, is another one of those quality products, as the magic is just right. When you reminisce, why not assign one master of tales to the project. What is a fancy way to say that DJ Craze rocks. With this also winner of everything grabbing the pile of Audio Research releases, two turntables (maybe golden ones), a mixer and some emergency rations of food and liquids, to do "Rugged Radio Saturday" and get serious with it.

1. DJ Craze "Intro"
2. Obscure Disorder feat. Ill Bill, Goretex "2004"
3. DJ Serious feat. Theo3 "Snakes"
4. D-Shade "Space And Time"
5. Simahlak feat. Theo3 "Under Pressure"
6. DJ Serious feat. Nish Rawks "Frostbite"
7. D-Shade vs. D-Styles "Like That Chall Freestyle"
8. DJ Serious feat. D-Sisive "Popped"
9. Troy Dunnit "Mindblowin"
10. Obscure Disorder "Back To The Lab"
11. Troy Dunnit "Not Gangsta"
12. Ill Bill "Cult Leader"
13. Obscure Disorder "The Grill"
14. D-Styles feat. Melo-D, Babu, Q-Bert "Felonious Funk (A-Trak Remix)"
Okay, to put this into simpler language: DJ Craze takes many of the Audio Research releases, some new stuff, the necessary equipment and after a couple of moments in time, he returns with this record, that mixes everything up, and makes one good listen. See, this is a mix CD. More so than 94% of everything else that's called a mix CD. Because this actually mixes the tracks. Wow.
We can go through some old time favorites, like Obscure Disorder feat. Ill Bill and Goretex of Non Phixion on "2004" (which is an anthem), Obscure Disorder's "Back To The Lab" (which is very, very good), there's Troy Dunnit and his "Mindblowin'" and "Not Gangsta" (which is quite that), there's Simahlak feat. Theo3's "Under Pressure", or the same Theo3, but a different DJ Serious and "Snakes". Well, there's that and a whole lot more. As we also get the 'hey, where did that come from': Ill Bill's "Cult Leader", or D-Styles feat. Melo-D, Babu and Q-Bert "Felonious Funk (A-Trak Remix)" (which is quite obviously quite incredible). What then tells you that you also get DJ tracks, not just stuff where people rhyme on. Nope, although, the other tracks on here like to feature rhyming, be it D-Shade vs. D-Styles doing "Like That Chall Freestyle" or DJ Serious feat. D-Sisive's "Popped". Well, there's that and a whole lot more. But I think I already said that.
And what else is there really to say. I mean, DJ Craze is not just blending stuff, but he's filling the gaps and adding icing with precise scratching, turntable trickery that still puts other people to shame. So the tracks are right, the tricks are right, so get the party started, riiigghttt... The package is complete, old favorites, new unheards, good DJ, funky fresh tracks. It gets hardly better than this.
review: tadah
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