Proof That Battle Rappers Can Make Good Music

includes: Reef The Lost Cauze, Prime, Pack FM, Juice, Verbal Kent, One Man Army, Megabusive, Lodeck, others.

year of release: 2005
Clever "Clash"
Diabolic "I'm Not Like You"
Frankie Riptide "Best Around"
Reef The Lost Cauze "Fire In The Sky"
Braindrops feat. Genelec & Memphis Reigns "Penace"
Illmaculate "Shock Value"
Mic Virus "Black Out"
Jack Cracker "You Dumb S.O.B."
Prime feat. Clew Rock, Philosophy, Curse "The Freshmen"
Bo Rat "Test Your Luck"
Pack FM feat. Juice "Set It Up"
12. Franco "Fracas"
13. Juice "Exclusive Freestyle"
14. Ex-1 "Sonic Back Hand"
15. Verbal Kent feat. One Man Army "Combat"
16. Megabusive "MTV2"
17. Reef The Lost Cauze "Exclusive Freestyle"
18. LoDeck feat. Marq Spekt, Garbs Infinite, Saj Supreme "No Pop"
19. Wrekonize "Swollen Tongue Freestyle"

Megabusive "MTV2"

There's a DVD out there called "Served" which chronicles the lives and times of the battle rappers. And the slogan for this little compilation is that it's 'proof that battle rappers can make good music.' The verdict: the slogan is right.
Things start very properly with Clever's "Clash" produced by Equalibrum: over a seldom used piano, a cupped horn, and a rather impressively flowing hook, this song does everything right and sets the tone.
The whole is actually a mix of unknowns to kinda-knowns to you-should-knows to you-better-knows. The last category is mainly filled by Juice and an "Exclusive Freestyle." You can argue that him talking about that one particular Supernatural battle is a little: dude, get over it. However, considering that Supernatural chose to put that battle on one of his CDs (however leaving out the part of the people booing when he was declared the winner - while he most obviously lost by a margin) allows Juice to finally say his piece about it. Heck, listen yourself.
But don't miss out on the you-should-knows like the super proper Megabusive's "MTV2", LoDeck feat. Marq Spekt, Garbs Infinite and Saj Supreme "No Pop", Pack FM feat. Juice's "Set It Up" or the previously released Verbal Kent feat. One Man Army "Combat." Also from Chicago is Prime with his proper "The Freshmen", teaming up with Clew Rock, Philosophy and Curse. Add two Reef The Lost Cause tracks to this: the nice song "Fire In The Sky" and the "Exlusive Freestyle" and finally Genelec & Memphis Reigns teaming up with Braindrops on "Penace" and you basically have the names that should ring a bell.
At the same time however (and yes, this review is basically dropping names, but what do you expect from a record that's battle orientated apart from it stating that the lyrics are braggadocio) Diabolic "Not Like You" with a bad beat and a bad record quality. Frankie Riptide's "Best Around" features a beat that intends to bee too commercial, even though the hook is kinda catchy. Immaculate's drops one of the best songs over one of the best beats by Engineer with "Shock Value." Mic Virus' "Black Out" produced by DJ Skully is nice too. Boo Rat "Test Your Luck" is a skippable track, while Ex-1 "Sonic Back Hand" can compete for best song on the record. Finally there's also as-seen-on-TV Wrekonize's "Swollen Tongue Freestyle".
There's more punchlines on here than any sandbag can endure. Sure this will not change the course of civilisation or culture or make anyone a better person. But that was never its intention. Nope, that was - as said - to show that battle rappers can make good songs. They obviously can.
review: tadah
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