hosted by Graph
includes: graph, kanye west, born unique, terror squad, jean grae, soul supreme, m.o.p., doujah raze, nas, masta ace, angelous, slum village, o.c. skillz, others.
year of release: 2004
Borrowing "Street Hop" from Nas' "Made U Look", as well as opening with that song, the tape then belongs to Graph. Because he's the host, checking in by phone, and he claims attention and space, introducing himself as well as some of the songs. He gets to introduce many big names, with big songs, but also people that are on the brink of being next men (just like Graph is), as well as people that still got a way to go.
But that's the beauty of this record - besides the many never before heard songs, and the actual happening, while soft, mixing - that you get a wide range of artists. It's a true case of: if your contribution is hitting, you'll get on here. DJ Lynch and A-Beats are tune selectors, and you must wonder where the hell they get all these songs from.
Because besides the many freestyles, from people like Born Unique, MainO, Doujah Raze, Cocoa Chanel, Graph (of course) or the two on point offerings by Jinx The Juvy ("Freestyle)" and Kaimbr ("Freestyle"), this exposes us to previously never heard before songs. That includes new music by Kanye West ("Too Hot" feat. Jin and "Changing Lanes Remix" produced by Chops), Beanie Sigel and Cam'ron "Dead or Alive", Terror Squad feat. Cam'ron "NY State Of Mind", the 9th Wonder produced Jean Grae track "Don't Rush Me", two M.O.P. songs: "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" and "I don't Give a F*%#" (with uninspired DJ Premier production), Nas' "Thief Theme", Skillz "Take it Back" as well as the master Masta Ace "Beautiful" and Slug Village team up with Jay Dee again for "The Reunion".
And when this write up gives the impression that we're basically running through the songs, then yes, the impression does not fool you. Because to be honest, it's more fun to listen to this record than to write - or read - about it. Because even though all the already mentioned are nice, there's more. Like the surpriser K Hill "Da Instigator", Soul Supreme music, this time with Akbar on "Who's Who", Born Unique explaining "DTA", new O.C. material ("The Professional (A-Beats Remix)") where he's a truth speaker, a mysterious Angelous "Freestyle" and even, a lackluster Chapter 13 "The Rebirth".
Heck, the tracklisting speaks for itself. And as that - somewhat unfortunately - has become a much more important point than mixing on mixtapes, the main aspect of "Street Hop" is very much on point. So let's do us both a favor, end this write up here, and get to listening again.
review: tadah
DJ Lynch Side
1. DJ Lynch and Grafh Intro
2. Grafh "Food"
3. Kanye West & Jin "Too Hood" (produced By Kanye West)
4. Born Unique "DTA" (produced by Kleph Dollaz)
5. Beanie Sigel & Camron "Dead or Alive"
6. Terror Squad feat. Camron "NY State of Mind"
7. Cocoa Chanelle "Freestyle"
8. Jean Grae "Don't Rush Me" (produced by 9th Wonder)
9. Jinx Da Juvy "Freestyle"
10. K Hill "Da Instigator"
11. Soul Supreme feat. Akbar "Who's Who" (produced by Soul Supreme)
12. MainO "Freestyle"
13. M.O.P. "Here Today Gone Tomorrow"
DJ A-Beats Side
14. DJ A-Beats and Grafh Intro
15. Doujah Raze "Freestyle"
16. Kaimbr "Freestyle"
17. Jinx Da Juvy "True Story"
18. Chapter 13 "The Rebirth"
19. M.O.P. "I don't Give a F*%#" (produced by DJ Premier)
20. Nas "Thief's Theme"
21. Kanye West & Chops "Changing Lanes RMX" (produced by Chops)
22. Skillz "Take it Back"
23. O.C. "The Professional (A-Beats RMX)"
24. Grafh feat. Jadakiss, Splitt "I Don't Care (Street Hop Mix)"
25. Born Unique "Freestyle"
26. Masta Ace "Beautiful"
27. Sketch "Suicidal Tendencies"
28. Angelous "Freestyle"
29. Slum Village feat. Jay Dee "The Reunion"
30. Dujeous "Sometimes (A-Beats RMX)"
31. Amen & Forge "Get the Horns"
32. Grafh Outro
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