A Magic Circus Soundtrack

includes: Apsci, Mike Lass, Tes, Seraphim, Ddamage, Stacs Of Stamina, Ecoplan, Olaf Hund, others.

year of release: 2005
Manolo : Classic Breakfast (Je Suis Un Disque)
Crunc Tesla : Welcome To The Circus
The Debug Tentative & Mathilde : Citizen M
Ecoplan : Fall Asleep For A Long Time
Olaf Hund : Freaks Parade
Food For Animals : Cut & Paste
Purple Square : Sweet Spleen
Scream Club & Mirah & Katastrophe : Dead Wrong
Apsci & Seraphim, Tes, Mike Ladd : Synth 4PO
Langage Computer : Un Coup De Baguette Magique
Leonard De Leonard & Maxx : Crasching Down
12. Computer Truck : Toyz Massacre
13. Mr. Gib : Chromajazz
14. Ddamage : Mistake. Rewind. Repeat (Stacs Of Stamina) Swing Your Had Like Mistreated Animals Remix
15. Electromenager & Mac Dara : Magic Freak
16. Xerak : Super Clap Clap!!

Ddamage : Mistake. Rewind. Repeat (Stacs Of Stamina) Swing Your Had Like Mistreated Animals Remix

When Raoul Duke walks into an actually existing Las Vegas casino Circus Circus his trip really begins to be of fear and loathing. There's just something about all those clowns and artists and animals and in betweens that take him into badland. So freak and circus kinda go hand in hand. This compilation here is conceived as a circus. Not so much that you'll hear animals run all over the course of the show, but the artists definitely get their stylistic freak on.
A good example is the conceptionally titled "Welcome To The Circus" by Crunc Tesla. The rhymes are to be ignored, but it will be hard to not feel a little off with these off-rhythms and off-structures. That's later on the record when we're already exhausted after the big, heck, huge opening of Manolo's "Classic Breakfast (Je Suis Un Disque)". As 'Sex In The City' teaches us, Manolo shoes are an orgasm for women, and this is an orgasm of an intro.
It's however only one among a bundle of supreme attractions on a record that seamlessly moves from rap to electronica, to deconstructed amalgams of the two. And one of those is Food For Animals "Cut & Paste" where the guy behind the mic so disrespectfully says he doesn't make music but noise. And of course your Polka loving parents will agree. But we, who know better, just love this tune with the hard hitting bass and the aggressive, well, noises. Oh, and it gets even fiercer towards the end of the song. As good is the previously released Apsci (who are now signed to Quannum) featuring the triple knock out Seraphim (of No Surrender) and Tes and Mike Ladd. The highly political "Synth 4PO" also shows a rather strong move towards the more abstract and electric for the usually not-so-much Quannum imprint.
Computer Truck calls an evil kind of Mr. Oizo track (using elements heard on Stakka Humanoid) "Toyz Massacre". Almost serene in comparison is The Debug Tentative feat. Mathilde "Citizen M". Singing about a clown, this is of that no-genre Trip Hop amongst a record full of trips. The marching "Freaks Parade" by Olaf Hund is luring us to follow the conductor. Language Computer's "Un Coup De Baguette Magique", i.e. the 'coup' of the magic baguette, puts a spell on you just as much as Ddamage's "Mistake. Rewind. Repeat" slash Stacs Of Stamina's "Swing Your Head Like Mistreated Animals Remix". This however is one of those examples where you start to wonder how so much that's just chaos, confusing and cluttered, can sound so damn good. And even when the album opts for a hard trying retro 80s tune like "Super Clap Clap!!" by Xerak or a somewhat standard "Magic Freak" by Electromenager & Mac Dara, there's always a quite perfectly titled "Chromajazz" by Mr. Gib to save the show.
Remember those moons or bears or whatever that you put over a babies bed, and when you pull a string, some soothing music plays? Well, that's what comes out of Ecoplan's "Fall Asleep For A Long Time." Yes, you'll actually be tired after listening to this monster of a record. So a) there will be no need for such puffy help and b) it's basically the only song on here that allows relaxation (even though "Sweet Spleen" by Purple Square is also somewhat quiet, in a haunted kind of way though). As this record is a playbill on speed, it's a roller coaster of great and definitely way off centre songs, it's an ecstasy of blips and blops and it's a great record. Add this to your must get list.
review: tadah
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