The Conspiracy - The Mix CD

compilation includes: cage, el-p, vast aire, tame-one, copywrite, breezly brewin, yak ballz, mhz.

year of release: 2003
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With everyone and their mother doing mix tapes, the good artists thankfully have taken notice, and follow suit. Like The Weathermen, a Cage motivated conglomerate of ill word smiths, including the likes of Cage himself, El-P, Tame One, Copywrite, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin, Yak Ballz, Camu Tao and Jakki Da Motamouth. And the record gets ill straight up.
As Copywrite, Yak and Cage decide to spit over Nas' "Made You Look" on "Made You Shit Your Pants". And the beat is so dope, these three skilled emcees could easily be overshadowed. But when Copywrite spits: "your only criminal record: BDP's first album" and later on "I'm like Tony Soprano, the way I kill Big Pussy and my bitch don't know that", this track is just to get rowdy to. Yak and Cage come no less good, and all three sound so well together, you wonder why they didn't yet team up for an EP or something. After such an incredible start, you expect it to go downhill from here. But with El-P and Camu Tao spitting over Missy's "Gossip Folks", calling it "Missy Done Justice", the head is kept in an up down movement. Funnily enough El adopts to Missy's flow, while Camu does some Ludacris adaptation, with the two not only making themselves come ill, but also giving props to these two often hated artists.

1. Intro
2. Copywrite, Yak & Cage "Made You Shit Your Pants"
3. El-P & Camu Tao "Missy Done Justice"
4. Copywrite "10 Times"
5. Jakki, Copywrite & Tame-One "React Shun"
6. Illuminati Guy
7. Cage & Tame-One "What Happen To Dat Toy"
8. Yak "Volume"
9. Copywrite, Jakki & Camu Tao "MHz Over Megahertz"
10. Tame One feat. Breezly Brewin "Slick Talkin"
11. Yak & Camu Tao "Where I Wanna Be"
12. Jakki & Copywrite "Columbus"
13. Cage "Beverly Crabs"
14. Vast Aire feat. Camu Tao "Chris Lighty"
15. Cage feat. Camu Tao "Come To Daddy"
16. Tame-One "Concerto"
17. S.A. Smash "Gangster"
18. Breezly Brewin, Tame-One & Cage "Fried Fish"
19. Weathermen "5 Left In The Clip (RJD2 Remix)"
20. Copywrite, Cage & Yak "Every Rapper In The House Shut The Fuck Up"
This also already tells you that the album is the most interesting when it's combining two unexpected elements. Be it commercial beats with the emcees (like Cage's "Beverly Crab"), or a new and interesting team up (Tame One and Breezly Brewin on "Slick Talkin"). And at the same time, the excitement is less, when we just get what we already know: When the beats are less distinctive and when we get a solo cut or a heard before team up. With exceptions of course, because the freestyle feel of "MHz Over Megahertz" by Copywrite, Jakki and Camu (as well as "Fried Fish" by Brewin, Tame One and Cage) give us them radio show goose bumps, where it feels like you're witnessing a piece of history.
So not to jump any tracks because they are weak, as they are not, but the next to mention song is "What Happen To Dat Toy", where Cage and Tame One spit over a bare beat. Yak's solo cut "Volume" also gets a mention, as the beat is good, and Yak gives a good impression of himself too. Vast Aire then comes through with Camu Tao on "Chris Lighty", with the two also sounding like long lost brothers enjoying to be doing something together, with the something sounding dope too. More of that level is on "Come To Daddy" by Cage and Camu Tao, that features better production than what we had to hear them rhyme over lately.
And finally on some promo tip, SA Smash does "Gangster" off their "Smashy Trashy" Album, while we also get "5 Left In The Clip" by the Weathermen. However only the RJD2 remix, with the better version thus staying only available on the 12". With no promo really being needed, considering all the artists on here, all the exclusives on here, all the good verses and good beats on here. Making this a straight up slam dunk from the first toss up to the last whistle blow.
review: tadah
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