Monsta Mixes 2
label: mindbenda
includes: monsta island czars, darc mind, dirt nation, ray long, b/wyze, mf doom.
year of release: 2003
Following up the M.I.C.'s arguably classic debut LP "Escape From Monsta Island," the Czars' chief beat maestro hits off fans with another 20-track compilation, flaunting an array of unreleased gems and remixes from one of the game's most rugged crews. Interspersed with monster movie skits, the album oozes raw hip-hop throughout, with X-Ray's grimy beatscapes shining behind a grip of hungry New York rhyme assassins.
"Witchcraft Remix" proves that you can make a dope song out of one loop and a rimshot, as the Czars go to town over a hypnotic keyboard sample and breathy vocals. B/Wize gets nasty on "It's Like That," spitting street wisdom atop melancholy pianos and some addictively dirty snares, made even crazier thanks to the chorus, which flips a slow-motion Bruce Hornsby clip with authority. "Hell Razor" highlights Megalon's untouchable hyper-speed lyrical attack, while Gigan flexes his impressive, Lyrics Born-esque singing chops on the thug love anthem "In Search of ISO," set to a classic backdrop from the late great Barry White.

1. The Beginning Of Space Intro
2. Monsta Island Czars : Witchcraft Remix
3. King : Get Your Money Right
4. B/Wyze : It's Like That
5. X-Ray : A Monsta (skit)
6. MF Doom : My Favorite Ladies Remix
7. Megalon : Hell Razor
8. Ray Long : Smash This
9. X-Ray : Monstaball
10. Gigan : In Search Of (I.S.O.)
11. Monsta Island Czars : Evacuate The Club
12. Dirt Nation : Mocknecks
13. Rodan : One Week
14. Kamackeris : Live Life
15. Spiga, King Caesar : Ride The Arrow
16. A Giant Grave (skit)
17. Spiga : Now That's Sweet
18. MF Doom : Go With The Flow (Live)
19. Monsta Island Czars : Wavelengths
20. Darc Mind : Covert Op
Hard drums and trippy electronics support Rodan's ridiculously ill "One Week," as he unleashes a stream of heady rhymes peppered with references to Twin Peaks, Atlantis, Roman Polanski, and the connection between the deaths of the Beatles and the coming apocalypse. Kamackeris shines bright on "Live Life," spitting roughneck but positive lyrics over a sick beat that Cormega fans may recognize. We also get some quality older jams, such as Dirt Nation's aggro hood epic "Mocknecks" and Darc Mind's espionage-themed "Covert Op" Other standouts include Kong's rowdy "Get Your Money Right," and "Ride The Arrow," which features Spiga and King Ceasar spicing up a favorite Doom instrumental.
Hot shit through and through, "Monsta Mixes 2" is further proof that the Monsta Island Czars have got the game on lock. Pairing consistently fresh production with rhymes that seamlessly balance intellect and brute force, there a few if any squads out there that even come close to their lyrical intensity or diversity. With Jet Jaguar back in the mix, and solo LPs coming soon from Rodan and Megalon, the M.I.C. are poised to take over the globe. Recognize.
review: brolin winning
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