compilation includes: future 3, lali puna, limp, komëit, manual, guitar, solvent, isan, herrmann & kleine, icebreaker, others.
year of release: 2002
There's something unmeasurably valuable about melodies that you only remember, after being starved of it for some time. A song used to be nothing without a melody. And while times have changed, our ear is still so much a sucker for a good offering. Morr Music knows about the value of a well composed song, that is most of the times different to a good programmed and structured song. Or better: more, not just different. That's why a good song is still a good song, even after layers of dust, years of shadows and not playing. That's why Slowdive's music is still sounding good today. Either in its original, or in the reworked versions this tribute album is offering.
What is very interesting about this record is, that probably depending on randomness, you will enjoy CD 1 more than CD 2 on day a, but on day b, it will be the other way around. While the first CD is purely kept for honouring Slowdive, CD two offers original Morr Music artists songs. What both have in common though is, several brilliant tracks amongst excellent songs.

cd 1
1. Future 3 "Alison"
2. Isan "Waves"
3. Lali Puna "40 Days"
4. Ulrich Schnauss "Crazy For You"
5. B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda "Here She Comes"
6. Limp "Souvlaki Space Station"
7. Solvent "When The Sun Hits"
8. Styrofoam "Altogether"
9. Skanfrom "Here She Comes"
10. Isan "Celia's Dream"

11. Komëit "When The Sun Hits"

12. Manual "Blue Skied An' Clear"
13. Herrmann & Kleine "Dagger"
14. Múm "Machine Gun"
cd 2
1. Manual "Summer Haze"
2. Isan "My Last Journey (Weather Balloon)"
3. Guitar "House Full Of Time"
4. Ulrich Schnauss "Wherever You Are"
5. Styrofoam "Fade Out Your Eyes"
6. Populous "Cluster"
7. Future 3 "Stuff"
8. Solvent "Discontinued Parts (Instrumental Mix)"
9. Herrmann & Kleine "Leaving You Behind"
10. B. Fleischmann "Take A Day Off"
11. Icebreaker / Manual "Into Forever"
12. Komëit "Same, Same"
13. Ms. John Soda "Solid Ground"
14. Limp "Silent Runner"
So CD 1 is quickly offering two plush compartments that have us quickly settle down: Future 3's "Alison" is just as inviting to hum along as "Waves" by Isan. The mood on here is of a certain eighties melancholy, it gets a bit careless on "40 Days" by the heavy accented Lali Puna. What then moves into the very pushing and forward pointed "Crazy For You" by Ulrich Schnauss. This is an instrumental song, features a heavy drum and it just wants you to keep on going; run, drive, fly. Limp's "Souvlaki Space Station" offers a needled bench to sit down, before on Skanfrom's "Here She Comes" the synthesizers are dripping from 80ness. Also instrumental is the title track "Blue Skied An' Clear" here interpreted by Manual, who's allowing himself a lot of time and open sky layers, to get to the, well, you guessed it: melody.
CD 2 is opened by the same Manual who's offering the brilliant "Summer Haze". And this song works without a distinguishable melody for it to be amazing. Instead it's living off the alignment of notes and moods, off the clashing down of broad faced smiles that make this one of the best songs heard in 2002. What at the same time also means that this is the highlight of the compilation. Despite there still being plenty of excellent music still coming up. Like the Isan song "My Last Journey (Weather Balloon)", that gives his electronics a voice. Guitar is exactly using that instrument to put behind the voice of Regina Janssen on "House Full Of Time". A song that is hinting at the potential these electronic artists grew into during the making of this record (with Komëit having gone the furthest with "Same, Same").
Ulrich Schnauss plays with suspense on "Wherever You Are", with train pictures appearing before our mental eyes, completing the chase scene. A couple of speeds less is Herrmann & Kleine's "Leaving You Behind", that nevertheless gets us travelling. Then the name Manual appears again, and we know we will really like "Into Forever" just on the strength of that. And we do like this collaboration with Icebreaker, despite the happy hardcore voice. And finally there's Limp's "Silent Running" that features a desperate depressed sound to it, with the emotion carried only bettering the song.
While we want to end this review with the remark that electronic music can be boring. Very boring even. And there's a couple of songs on here, like Styrofoam's "Fade Out Your Eyes" or Solvent's "Discontinued Parts (Instrumental Mix)" that are struggling to give us much. However, when this album does the best of today, along with everything what was good about the early days of electronic instruments usage, you get an excellent mixture of real songs. Meaning there are less mathematicians than musicians on here.
review: tadah
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