by Jeep Jack and friends
label: villa magica
produced by: jeep jack
year of release: 2002
Is there still a little bit of Christmas left in you? If so, then check out "Christmas In Roxbury" by Jeep Jack and friends. Or actually check it out now so you have it ready for X-Mas 2003. And that December, there will not only be this CD version of the record, but also a 10" collectors edition, with deluxe packaging, also brought to you by Villa Magica, the new happening label from Geneva Switzerland. And this Roxbury-thingy here is the first in a series of one a year Christmas records that the Villa plans to release. Excited yet?
If not, then listen to these strange adaptations of some Christmas classics, starting with "Last Christmas", the old Wham favorite. Jaime Babstock plays George Michael and Michael Hutcherson and Arp. L. Contra play the instrument dude whose name no one remembers. And Jeep Jack is pulling the strings: he arranged the ditty and even though it doesn't say, he probably produced the song too. So this is something you can sing along, as everyone knows this song, right? What can also be said about "Let It Snow". However this version is certainly different, and the melody to cling to and sing along to is well hidden in the back. What then makes the track to be more a smooth electronic song, that has its own charm, but that still sounds mighty nice under the Christmas tree, with galloping drums and baby instruments.

1. Last Christmas
2. Do You Hear What I Hear?
3. Chestnuts Rasting On An Open Fire
4. Baby It's Cold Outside
5. Noël Dans Le Roxbury
6. Let It Snow
7. Chipmunks Christmas
Even less known to this reviewers ear are "Do You Hear What I Hear?", "Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire" and "Baby It's Cold Outside" (despite the Sil Vision and Oliver Sparkelino singing). Actually the same also goes for "Noël Dans Le Roxbury" and "Chipmunks Christmas", with the first being at the beginning an adaptation of the Run-D.M.C. "Christmas in Hollies" track though, complete with Jam Master Jay R.I.P. shout. Katherine Aungier is doing some French talking and we are nodding while not understanding. The latter, meaning "Chipmunks Christmas", is again a song without samples, making this another very smoothed out electronic and kinda jazzy tune, that might as well be a new Christmas standard as not.
Nevertheless, this Jeep Jack twist to the traditional Christmas tunes is interesting to say the least. The funky people will play it next year, to their parents dismay. But it's way better than to listen to your sister crank out the same old songs with the flute she picks up once a year to your ears disgust. And that doesn't mean that her playing sounds bad, but that not wanting her to play is as much a Christmas tradition, as it is that she's ignoring your pleading. And with the Record Company people opening up another tradition for Villa Magica, we say ho ho ho, and maybe we listen to one or two songs even before December 2003.
review: tadah
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