The Household EP
produced by: daedelus
guests: prefuse 73
year of release: 2003
If Scott Herren, the man behind Prefuse73 plus a lot else, decides to form a label, you know that it will be sonically adventurous. If his partner in business is Peter Rentz, a renown graphic designer, the eyes will be treated as kindly as the ears. If now Scott decides to let Daedelus run free on one of the first releases, the confusion of the banal is as safely programmed as are the sounds dramatically altered that Daedelus offers on his "The Household EP", a six track quick serve.
And while we should know better, we are still a little frustrated when we struggle to chase down all the melodic structures a "Snooze Button" offers, always one or three steps behind. The P.S.K. moments are exchanged with a sweet piano we'd like to cling on to, before it's ripped out of our hands again by icicles piercing the cardboard walls of our air castle. And that after we had our 'we hate Moby' moment on "Rabbit Ears". Not because we really hate Moby, or because this sounds like Moby, but just because it felt like a fitting emotion at that time. Especially as with the guitar plucking and the humming, the spring moments on the cover, where white rabbits run on the turntable, give us a Jefferson Airplane shiver though the piano. But with the song being short, cold turkey appears in the laughing of "Busy Signal", where even a quick movie dialogue mocks us. Before broken beatboxing try to add a regularity to the flatlands of the orchestration.

1. Rabbit Ears
2. Busy Signal
3. Snooze Button
4. Doorbell
5. Back Doorbell
6. Busy Signal (Prefuse 73 Remix)
And so we've already heard three different versions of about roughly one tale, and we've only reached the end of the first half. And on "Doorbell" we again are promised a regular start, with the destruction playing Jekyll and Mr Hyde. But Daedelus really makes it hard for himself. He could compose these songs sweet, plush and boring. But instead he continues to remix his own ideas at the very moments his brain first utters them. But unlike a Herbie Hancock solo, but like the chaos theory, the songs still stay between remarkable guidelines, that allow everything, but that remain within relations to each other. Meaning you still know what song you are listening to, despite all the changes, add ons and thorough mess arounds.
Because Daedelus is a master of parallel progression. The drum and bass structures of "Doorbell" seem separately developed from the rest, to then perfectly fit. "Back Doorbell" further deconstructs the background, while the forefront is settled in a sweet summer stream of light and colors. The backyard so seems to be definitely something Daedelus prefers. We are not yet completely sure if we prefer the original or the "Busy Signal (Prefuse 73 Remix)". Although, the latter has some very good aspects about it: it got a groovy rhythm, full grown head nod factor, and the regular choppiness of a Prefuse track. But he's utilizing what Daedelus put in front of him, making this a working second version.
And he's completing the six quick songs on Eastern Developments. Speaking of Eastern, Daedelus certainly enjoys going on the egg hunt. Because just like searching for eggs during Eastern, his sounds must come from continues sample hunting. Plus odd sounds recordings, plus working a lot and more with them in the lab. And the chaos of his studio, as drawn on the cover, promises a lot of good hiding places. With the chance being good that one or two ending too well hidden to be quickly found. Like all the details on this record, that you'll only discover with time.
review: tadah
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