Rethinking The Weather
label: mush
produced by: daedelus
year of release: 2003
This makes sense. While a rap album stripped down to its instrumental version gets released rarely enough, too often it also doesn't make sense. The beats that fit a rapper to rhyme to are often enough not the beats that sound good without a rapper. But when you had an album with a Busdriver, a Radioinactive and a Daedelus, then chances are that the tracks were very crowded. So if the two emcees are stripped off, the beats can breathe. What used to be entangled and next, in between, behind and over the verses, can now just spread its arms and grow into the new available space.

1. Fin
2. Going Unsteady
3. Chorus, Verse, Chorus
4. Greatly Exaggerated, Our Demise
5. The Weather's Secret Service
6. Robotic Girls Are Hard
7. Dark Days
8. Missing
9. Bright Stars
10. Name Game
11. Without Words
12. Hardly Hip Hop
What is exactly what happens here. There's still all the adventures in bleeps, glips, glogs, voices, samples, sounds, zips, wvvrooms, and etc. Daedelus is never one to do simple songs. His beats are more rococo, than they are Bauhaus. And in such an elaborate setting, a rethinking changes things. Either for real or just imaginatively. As it's quite a sport to compare the two versions, the one with vocals and the ones without. By the way, the other is reviewed here.
You'll obviously recognize the songs, as they are essentially the same. What also makes some of those favorites your now favorites, like "Name Game" and "Bright Stars" of course. But as the attention and balance is completely different, there's suddenly moments that make more sense to you here and now. And there's even parts, like parts of "Missing" or "Hardly Hip Hop", that lack familiarity. There's longer versions, there's spread moments, there's a detour where there used to be a straight pathway. Everything just seems a little shook up.
And it probably is. As said, it's a sport to compare the two versions, and be it just to point out the details that you have missed up until you get this cleaned messed up version. There's a completely different kind of fun in here, also because we are relieved that the words don't bombard us any longer. That makes this a somewhat more relaxed listen, as attentive your ears still need to be.
So basically, this album was excellent with words. It's not lacking any charm without words, but offers us parts of the vision in a somewhat clearer kind of way. Therefore, there might be things that were taken away, but that actually doesn't take away anything from this album.
review: tadah
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