I Don't Want You Back
label: zomba
production: milk dee, roy 'royalty hamilton, v. jeffrey smith, mark passy, others.
guests: milk dee, n.o.r.e., fcm.
year of release: 2004
website: eamonmusic.com
1. Intro
2. I Love Them Ho's (Ho-Wop)
3. Somethin' Strange feat. Milk Dee
4. On & On
5. Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)
6. Get Off My Dick! feat. Milk Dee
7. Girl Act Right
8. My Baby's Lost
9. I Want You So Bad
10. 4 The Rest Of Your Life
11. All Over Love
12. Controversy
13. Lo Rida feat. N.O.R.E.
14. I'd Rather Fuck With You
15. Finally
16. Ass Is Fat feat. FCM
Eamon has one hit wonder written all over him. His "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" is catchy, but in too many ways also annoying and corny. So don't be surprised if in a couple of months, no one's able to remember his name, face or album. Even though this record holds quite a few surprises.
First there's Milk Dee who produces the majority of the offering. For those that are not familiar with Milk Dee: he's one half of the group Audio Two who had this classic song called "Top Billin'." Milk also released this EP "Never Dated" which included the song "Get Off My Log" and - by the way - he's MC Lyte's brother. So Eamon features this very interesting backing, who even raps on two songs ("Somethin' Strange" and "Get Off My Dick!"). Other rappers on this offering is N.O.R.E. on "Lo Rider" and FCM on "Ass Is Fat", but even more interesting: Eamon redoes the N.W.A song "I'd Rather Fuck With You." Or maybe more precise, he redoes "I'd Rather Be With You" - the George Clinton song - the same way N.W.A did. Does it sound good? Well yes. But that's as much due to the original, due to the initial N.W.A idea, as it's due to Eamon pulling it off.
It's not the only song he pulls off though. Because the true gem is "I Love Them Ho's (Ho-Wop)". The pseudo-doo wop rhythm gives this a really nice twist, Eamon's voice - usually thin - sounds rather strong too, and while there's little melody to grab on to, this nevertheless is a pleasant surprise and a good song. And with "I Want You So Bad" he's almost able to repeat this achievement.
Other songs on here, like the previously mentioned "Somethin' Strange" stick to the formula paved by the "Fuck It" single: the background is keyboardy (listen to "Controversy", that has an unneeded Caribbean shade to it), very reduced, and sounds like a one man band performed it. There's slight jazz on "Somethin' Strange", but a lot of stringy cheese on a "On & On", which does much of what R'n'B is really doing wrong right now ("4 The Rest Of Your Life" shows what R'n'B could do right). And while the minimalism on some songs is special, some songs containing pleasant musicality ("My Baby's Lost"), Eamon also bites other people's signature sounds - at least partially. When he does "Girl Act Right", that's too Lil Jon. But again there's also a "Finally", which spreads a summer feeling and finds Eamon some success with the woman.
Women. That's what Eamon reduces his lyrics to. He does not find another topic to talk about. Considering that pop is talking about love most of the time too, this should not be held against the man. Especially as he's shaking it up with the language of real people - sometimes even ignorant, whining or immature people. That's kinda new, at least for all these young kids that have never heard a 2 Live Crew song in their life. They will like this, and there's nothing wrong with that. Especially if they start to really dig the couple of quality songs on here and then make the right steps after that.
As for Eamon: his next job will probably be to the employment office. Because he still has one hit wonder written all over him.
review: tadah
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