compilation includes: manitoba, asa-chang & junray, murcof, colleen, icarus, bill wells, clue to kalo, others.
year of release: 2004
1. Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead "Pick Up Sticks"
2. Murcof "Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion Mix)"
3. Icarus "Essen"
4. Manitoba "Crayon"
5. A Hawk And A Hacksaw "Maremaillette"
6. Asa-Chang & Junray "Parlor"
7. Icarus "Gnog"
8. Murcof "UNA"
9. 310 "Exumix"
10. Colleen "Ritournelle"
11. Rob Ellis "Music For The Home No. 8 - 2/10/02"
12. A Hawk And A Hacksaw "A Kernel"
13. Riow Arai "Eclipse"
14. Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead "A Soldier's Shoulder"
15. Gorodish "Alexithymia (Demo)"
16. Rob Ellis "Four Pictures With Debussy - No. 1 60 Francs"
17. Clue To Kalo "Ignore The Forest Floor (Demo)"
18. A Small Good Thing "Owl In A Box"
Seriously, music has come a long way. Not so long ago, roughly fifty years ago, parents were disgusted by Rock-N-Roll. And that hair was too long too. Now, no one's even flinching at that kind of music anymore (still at the mushroom hair though). Actually many generations tried successfully to do the next kind of music to shock their parents.
Not to say that the music here is to shock anyone. Nope. But this is the culmination of another route: testing the boundaries of how far or how little one can go. Electronic music did really go out and stay out, with the ways to make music be and sound. Breaking all rules, writing new ones that only were to be ignored later on.
The Leaf label not only has a new website (and they are mighty proud of it, so go check it out), they also give you a fair priced sampler, with 'new and exclusive tracks from the Leaf label's current releases'; that is if we want to believe the sticker that was slapped on the front of this record. So we get songs by people with the names of Manitoba, Asa-Chang & Junray, Murcof, Colleen, Icarus, Bill Wells. Don't know anyone? Don't fret, that's what we're here for.
Even though that's not to mean that we're going to give you a on spot introduction to all these artists. But we can tell you a little bit about what they are doing. And we shall start where the compilation starts, with a song ("Pick Up Sticks" by Bill Wells, Stefan Schneider & Annie Whitehead) that features a lot of (or something that sounds like a lot of) tuba. Or trombone? Well, one of those things. It's not like we generation X³ know anything about real instruments, right? We know more about how good Murcof's "Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion Mix)" is. There's even a little house music in this pace, and if anything, makes it more accessible. Not easy to access, but very easy to get lost in is "Essen" (what either means 'to eat' or refers to a town in Germany) by Icarus and later on Murcof's "UNA" and "Owl In A Box" by A Small Good Thing. Even less acceptable, I mean, accessible is "Parlor" by Asa-Chang & Junray, with another one of those instruments we can't identify, a lot of abstract structures and freedom. This grows more like weeds than leafs.
There's however even something like good ole pop music: Manitoba's "Crayon" with a guitar, singing and children giggling. As well as on Clue To Kalo's "Ignore The Forest Floor (Demo)" who you might know from that Mush album they've done. There also has to be a good amount of movie score music. We get that on "Exumix" by 310 and even more so on "Ritournelle" by Colleen. Heck even classical-ish music with Rob Ellis on "Music For The Home No. 8 - 2/10/02" and "Four Pictures With Debussy - No. 1 60 Francs". Before A Hawk And A Hacksaw really get silly with "A Kernel" while the plush spring stream of "Alexithymia (Demo)" by Gorodisch wraps us like sunshine and glistening rays of light. Ahhhh….
So if anything this Leaf label compilation shows us how varied their catalogue is, and how varied the genre of music is they choose to release. Nothing shocking about this, but a whole lot good. What however is shocking, that we can't find that nifty little Leaf logo anywhere on this compilation. Oh wait, there it is, on the side. So as said: nothing shocking, plenty good.
review: tadah
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