Bilious Paths
label: planet mu
produced by: mike paradinas
year of release: 2003
He felt bad as he didn't want to touch his own father. Afraid that the death that was in him, would somehow be contagious and find its way onto him, had him step back more than was appropriate. Not the first dead person he saw, it was certainly the first where other people were expecting him to embrace. For that one last time or whatever. But the grayness of the skin seemed to be powder that would rub off on him. He was afraid.
Therefore he sat down. And listened to the people in the hallway stealing glances at their watches, being in a hurry like always and being bored by the time one gave the family to be by themselves. It was a good hierarchy, that for once had the elite be closer to the suffering than the lower level friend. It was them being separated from the rest, with the rest being closer to the buffet and exit.

1. Johnny Mastricht
2. Meinheld
3. Siege Of Antioch
4. Octelcogopod
5. On/Off
6. Silk Ties
7. AEC Merlin
8. Grape Nut Beats (Pt. 1)
9. Grape Nut Beats (Pt. 2)
10. Mouse Bums
11. Fall Of Antioch
12. My Mengegus
While this tale has nothing to do with the music we're here to discuss, the fact that this music allows the room for difference as well as deep inspiration, says a lot with clearing nothing. µ-ziq (read 'mu-ziq') produced an album full of twists and turns, aggression, soul within a soulless musical genre, he added emotion and anger and life and nothing and stone and broken glass and additions and subtractions with layers and hardness. At times as soft as Markant and at times as harsh as Funkstörung. The twelve tracks move through screaming computer sounds, to hard altered drums, to plush atmospheres, all with ease, and all with a constant relation to each other, completing a task and completing a piece of excellent art.
But it takes a couple of times for you to find the handles you want to grab. This album does not make it easy for you by explaining itself with every first note. The changes take unexpected variations into consideration, while the next song will not sound like the first or last. With everything remaining electronic, with everything disturbing the silence and continuing the bombardment of your senses, you're so tragically exposed to in daily life. When however you are used to this album, and repetitive listening has conditioned you to "Bilious Paths", then you suddenly find everything you at first was missing. What however makes it impossible to fully explain everything to the individual and potential listener. Therefore, let's go back to the story.
With him staring at everything and nothing, the time rolled on, and it became apparent, that he will not be getting up from his chair again, before it was time for all of them to move back to the commons. With understanding being at the tip of everyone's tongue. But the expectations being enforced on many unwilling, making it impossible for those to simply overlook what happened. Or more appropriately didn't happen.
review: tadah
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