Pacific Drift (Western Water Music Vol. 1)
label: ubiquity
produced by: nobody
guests: chris gunst, languis, paul larson, jimmy tamborello.
year of release: 2003
"Strawberry Field Forever" by The Beatles is one of the most important songs ever recorded. Its visuality and visionarity broke more ground than earthquakes, and there's musicians today, that still fail to complete the technical depth of a record already decades old. It spun genres, it spun more music, it spun ways to record. Without that song, there would be much less to listen to. Like less Nobody. There'd never be his album "Pacific Drift".
But maybe we need to introduced Nobody first. For the people that don't know. This man worked on an album called "Soulmates" for Ubiquity for four years, to complete it in 2000. And the result was magical and majestic. Every time someone wanted to be cool, he didn't mention DJ Shadow as the illest sample producer, he actually mentioned Nobody. Who really impressed everyone who heard the album, and I'm sure there were plenty that did. However, he didn't garner the same type of über-hype that a Shadow was able to attract.

1. Coming Up To The Surface
2. White Folding Slowly (Into Blue Remix)
3. The Beaches Of Neptune
4. Porpoise Song feat. Chris Gunst
5. Interlude 1
6. After The Summer Hits
7. Psilo-Cycling (Trip 'Round The Block)
8. Images Of April feat. Languis
9. Interlude 2 / Sioux's Rain Part III (Insect Trust Dub)
10. What Fall Brings
11. This Will Be Our Year feat. Paul Larson
12. Interlude 3
13. Electro-acoustic
14. Headspace
15. I Won't Hurt You feat. Jimmy Tamborello
16. Going Under
Well, fast forward 30 months and some change, and there's the second album by Nobody, this thing here. And in those months the world has changed in real life, but also the music reality Nobody is living in. One of the most on the surface changes is that he's not working with rappers no more. While on "Soulmates" folks like 2mex and the Freestyle Fellowship added words to the texture, the rappers were left out on this album. Instead Nobody opted for singers. And singers from such illustrious bands as Beachwood Sparks, Languis, Dntel, Postal Service, etc. And along to again do sample overdrive music, we also get cover versions, from people's songs like The Monkees, Pearls Before Swine, The Zombies and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.
That's the theory behind the record. But when going to talk about what's on here, we're full circling back to "Strawberry Fields Forever". These songs are covered and soaked by thick psychodelica moments, 60s pop homages. The organs are humming, the vibe is calm and tender. It learns from what other Air-y musicians did before this. It fits into the so called Living Room circle. It makes the world look lighted by a bright white, that's blocking out all the shadows. While the music is composed to be a company to you. It's the work for nature, to be alive, and to breathe the tones, tastes, smells and feels of what's out there. It's accentuating. It's enticing. I's wonderful. It's honest.
Especially as it would have been easier to just do a "Soulmates" part two. But this project is much more courageous, because it deliberately moves on from the save haven of Nobody's fanbase, into waters that need brave seamen. With that step however, the project automatically gets more interesting and more exciting. As exciting something this calm can be.
review: tadah
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